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Wiki Pages I have created[edit]

Frederick Norton Freeman - Theta Chi Fraternity Founder

Arthur Chase - Theta Chi Fraternity Co-Founder

Egbert Phelps - Assistant Founder of Theta Chi

False Confession - 1980's Oxnard punk band

Scared Straight (band) - 1980's Nardcore band

Agression (band) - 1980's Nardcore band

Stäläg 13 (band) - 1980's Nardcore band from Oxnard, CA.

Guy Éder de La Fontenelle - notorious rebel-bandit of 16th century Brittany, France

Château de Rustéphan - 15th-16th century manor-house in Brittany.

Manoir de Mézarnou - a 16th century manor-house in Brittany.

Pages I have made major contributions to[edit]

Theta Chi Fraternity

Manor house - added section to describe medieval manor houses in general.

Château de Kérouzéré - 15th century Breton manor house.

Château du Plessis-Josso - 14th century Breton manor house.

Gatehouse - cleaned up the page and added more of a historical context to gatehouses in medieval Europe.

Dovecote - added section on French-style pigeonniers

Bretonnia - Warhammer Fantasy army

Mordheim - a Warhammer Fantasy skirmish game

Nardcore - Oxnard music scene

R.K.L. - Santa Barbara punk band

Dr. Know - Oxnard punk band

Ill Repute - Oxnard punk band