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About Me[edit]

I've been part of Wikipedia since 2006, Not a massive part, but I have only recently become much more involved. I Live in Wiltshire in England. I'm a BIG fan of Star Trek and am quite often editing those articles when I'm not patrolling the new pages or the recent changes with Huggle. I can be found on Wikipedia most days when I'm not working or out and about. My CSD log can be found here. Unfortunately it doesn't list all the CSD's I have performed before the first entry as I was unaware of the function. My awards can be found here. Suggest bot suggestions page here


1st Edit: Starship 30/10/2006

100th Edit: Corsham 31/01/2010

200th Edit: Borg (Star Trek) [Merger proposal] 18/04/2011

300th Edit: Warning to User: for advertising on WP 29/04/2011

Granted Rollback Rights 02/05/2011

400th Edit: Reverting Vandalism by User:Eagleface12 02/05/2011

500th Edit: Userpage notice 04/05/2011

1000th Edit: Me apologising for missing something on a COPYVIO check. 19/09/2011

2000th Edit: Requesting speedy deletion CSD A7 09/02/13

Granted Reviewer Rights 26/02/2013

Ongoing Projects[edit]

Categorizing Pages
Patrolling New Pages
Using Huggle to Fight Vandalism
Improving pages by finding and adding references, categorising, adding wikiproject talk page banners to bring that article to the attention of people better equipped to improving it and adding tags such as stub for those people who know the subject better to help improve it.

Completed Projects[edit]

June Wikify Drive Doing some wikifying, Hopefully to get my first Barnstar.
Got 2!
Borg (Star Trek) Currently trying to get a merge on.
Merge Completed.
Eidsvollsbygningen Helping to fix up an article of which i have absolutely no knowledge
Project completed to the best of my ability with the sources i could find.

Projects I'm currently working on[edit]