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Jūnnánmén (Mandarin phrase 軍南門; Allen's Keun Nan Mun; Staal's Kiun-nan-mun) was one of Chinese asterism, not a traditional name for a star. It meanings "the South Gate of the Camp".
Allen identified it with 2 stars, φ and χ Andromedae, but incorrectly. Staal identified it with 4 stars made up Andromeda's skirt, φ, ξ, ω, and χ Andromedae, but incorrectly too.
Jūnnánmén was correctly formed only one star, "一星一座". Yachita Tsuchihashi (土橋八千太) and Yi Shitong (伊世同) identified it with φ Andromedae, from Qing Dynasty Star Catalog (儀象考成). On the other hand, Toshio Watanabe (渡辺敏夫) identified it with α Trianguli, from Harumi Shibukawa's star map.


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