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In the battle-dress of the Polish Second Corps of World War II
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Motto: Omnia mea mecum porto, et non aliter necesse

English is my second language, although I am citizen of the United States for more then 25 years. I was acting editor of the "Dziennik Związkowy (Polish Daily News)", the largest Polish ethnic newspaper in the US. Also author of some books, eg. "Wiórki kokosowe" (ISBN 83-7322-671-0), and many articles in Polish, translator from English to Polish, eg. Harvey Sarner's "General Anders and the Soldiers of the Second Polish Corps" (ISBN 83-7506-003-8), and from Polish to English as well, but still... forgive me my mistakes, if any.

With the pl-wiki from September 2004 (over 80 thousand editions, over 800 original articles, including 22 FA) and with the en-wiki from September 2006. I am present also at the WikimediaCommons with many unique photographs of the Polish Armed Forces of the times of World War II.

My contributions

Tadeusz Chyliński, Polish Constitution Day Parade, Dziennik Związkowy (Polish Daily News), Polish National Alliance, Franciszek Gruszka, 1st Polish Light Cavalry Regiment of the Imperial Guard, Society of Motherland Friends, Wici (call to arms), Warfare in Medieval Poland, Battle of Yevenes, Pieskaret,

Extended articles

Battle of Ciudad-Real,