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I'm just a non-notable winemaker at a non-notable Winery. I grew up in Boston, spent some time living in Florida, and now am at home on the west-coast. Besides wine, I also love computers, and have spent a good portion of my life working with them.

I'm mostly a introvert, and although I love the concept of Wikipedia, the more I've hung around, the more I've reallized that I really don't care for the politics that go on here. Most of my contributions tend to be minor changes that (hopefully) make Wikipedia a slightly friendlier place to be (Something that I really think is needed). More and more I'm joining in on things like Deletion Debates. I'm starting to feel that they are one of the more important aspects of wikipedia. Both to ensure that articles are here are encyclopedic, but also to ensure that things like bias don't cause otherwise important articles to be lost.

But for the most part I just make little changes here and there :)

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