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Obviously, my first name is Betty.

I live in Minnesota in planting zone 4.

My ;) Articles[edit]

Done from scratch[edit]

  1. Algoman orogeny – GA
  2. Animikie Group (posted 5/10)
  3. Great Lakes tectonic zone
  4. History of the Rove Formation – PR, GA
  5. Nor'Wester Mountains


  1. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - posted May 2010
  2. Laterite - posted April 2010 – PR
  3. Nipissing sills
  4. Saprolite
  5. Vaalbara - posted February 2010
  6. Widow's peak - posted May 2010

Major Reworking[edit]

  1. Great Lakes Blizzard of 1977
  2. Impact event; didn't get the article as good as the Great Lakes Blizzard one. I found it quite disorganized; I did copyediting and deleted one section that didn't pertain to impacts (moved to "Near-Earth objects").

On the back burner[edit]

  1. User:Bettymnz4/Mid- to Late March 2008 southern Midwest floods
  2. User:Bettymnz4/Saganagan Orogeny
  3. User:Bettymnz4/Supercontinent

My ;) Downloaded Images[edit]

Animikie Group and Marquette Range and Huronian supergroups.PNG
Animikie Group, Marquette Range and Huronian supergroups2.PNG

Bello v Schlossgut, 1908 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.PNG
Cuyuna Iron Range general geology.PNG
Cuyuna North Range cross section.PNG
Eastern North America Earthquakes 1534-1994.PNG
Fond du Lac stratrigraphic succession.PNG
General geologic map of Bangladesh showing some geologic features and sediment thicknesses.PNG
Geologic map NE Minnesota.jpg
Grand Portage route.JPG
Great Lakes Tectonic Zone map.PNG
Map of Kaapvaal craton in southern Africa..PNG
Michigan's Upper Peninsula's Distribution of Exposed Crystalline Rocks.PNG
Midcontinent Rift map.PNG
Minnesota's Distribution of Exposed Crystalline Rocks.PNG
Minnesota's earthquake epicenters.PNG
North American provinces and orogens.PNG
Ne mn geologic map.jpg


Wawa, Quetico & Wabigoon Subprovinces of southern Superior Province.PNG
Wisconsin's Distribution of Exposed Crystalline Rocks.PNG
Wyoming and Superior provinces reconstruction ca. 2.2 Ga (Harlan et al 2003).PNG
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog double-team hauling a filled wagon..PNG
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Bello v Schlossgut.PNG
Barri von Herzogbuchsee, a founding father of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.PNG
Stratigraphic nomenclature of Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta of Bangladesh and eastern India.PNG
Geological map of Bangladesh.PNG