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BigT2006 is a Wikipedia user from O'Fallon, Missouri in central St. Charles County, which is part of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area. Born Thomas James Stein (he prefers the name "Tom") in Richmond Heights, Missouri on Saturday, December 3, 1955. He is an avid fan of the St. Louis Blues, the 8-time World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, the 11-time World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals, 1999-2000 NFL World Champion St. Louis Rams, River City Rascals, the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Mizzou Tigers, as well as the 16-time NBA World Champion Los Angeles Lakers, and he strongly dislikes the New York Yankees, and thinks that the Yankees and the Chicago Cubs are far overrated. He also is a huge fan of Pepsi-Cola, and never, ever chooses Coke, because he thinks that Coca-Cola is 100% overrated and 0% fun. He also enjoys swimming, walking, and watching Rachael Ray on TV.

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