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My name is Ryan Shaffer; I am an undergraduate student at Penn State University, studying for a Bachelor of Music degree (Composition option), and intending to declare a Religious Studies minor. My username refers to a juvenile fiction series I had been reading when I first joined: the Charlie Bone books by Jenny Nimmo. Five years ago, I went from not knowing what this even was to becoming a Wikipediholic who didn't quite know how to handle his Wik-quor; now, I browse mainly like a civilian, but make a proper contribution when I see the opportunity.

I've learned a lot from editing Wikipedia — the most obvious being an understanding of the elements of computer language. (I also know Logo, and a bit of C++ as applicable to console/MS-DOS applications.) Yes, I use Wikipedia for my college research...the "References" section tells me what books I should borrow. Come on: we're Penn State. We've got the largest reference library system in the US, and 90% of it's online. And I'm too scrupulous to just copy and paste. I'm also not lazy enough, as I hope you can see here, from all the userboxes I created. (Though maybe too lazy to figure out how to format my main page...)

BlueCaper (talk) 00:44, 2 July 2013 (UTC) (UTC)

BlueCaper.png Zhich ujer izh BlueCaper, mang!
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