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  • BlueNorway.Org] with related databases of vessels and historical events.


Vessel Full Form Naming Convention[edit]

The correct form for records and references related to naval vessels is:

TITLE Vessel Long Name (C-NX-IDDD)

Where the identity is Vessel Long Name (C-NX-IDDD) "Vessel Long Name (C-NX-IDDD)"

The problem, is that name can not be used within wikipedia links.

As noted, any possessives are to be NOT INCLUDED in the name, appear without itallic after the number Hunley's or Hunley (AS-31)'s.

the logical option is to standardize to:

or incorrectly outside the brackets (number is not name):

where inclusion of USS or another active title is optional in text, as would be the ID in the resulting text, however as a formal name, name is expected.

Complex Example:

  • USS General Harry Taylor
  • USNS General Harry Taylor (T-AP-145)
  • USAFS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
  • USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg (T-AGM-10)
  • General Harry Taylor (AP-145)
  • USAFS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
  • USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
  • General Hoyt S. Vandenberg (T-AGM-10)

Are all the same vessel and listed officially as each.

All should resolve to:

with options:

Obviously with needed redirects to the internal record section #TITLE_FULL_NAME_ID for each variation or disambiguation...

USNS General Harry Taylor (T-AP-145)#USNS_General_Hoyt_S._Vandenberg_(T-AGM-10)|General Hoyt S. Vandenberg

The hull number can change as well while retaining the same name after major changes. Advise full-form standardization to avoid USCGC_Courier vs Export Courier (T-AK-5019)[1]

Please check this with any known authorities and confirm this. (Excepting of course, MARAD, for obvious reasons)

Vessel Templates and Name Standardization[edit]

see User:Bluenorway

Im told by naval authorities that the vessels are to be named their earliest public name, any prior identies (secret or code names) should redirect to the vessel's first official name... For example, the SS Norway goes to the original SS France and vessel USNS Vandenberg which changed between USNS, USAFS, USS, USNS, etc many times not including the prior names. All forms of name should redirect to General_Harry_Taylor_(AP-145) with internal #references, remember spaces, () parens, and hyphons-between-id-sections. (USS in USS_General_Harry_Taylor_(AP-145) is an error, USS_* should be a redirect)

The same applies to Export Courier as listed by Sun Shipbuilding[2] as the production name from Exporter company.

Export Courier is not USNS, should be "Export Courier (T-..."

Thus it appears the correct form is this: USNS/ETC Full Form Name (C-NX-IDDD) which thus resolves to: USS Hunley (AS-31) "Hunley (AS-31)|Hunley (AS-31)"

Also categories and templates need to be established for all of these and standardized. User_talk:Bluenorway

Categorization and Correction of Vessel Inventories and Histories[edit]

Categorization and Correction of MARAD/NDRF/NISP/etc[edit]

There is a significant problem with the following topics, perhaps you can concentrate on them and get a clear set of categories set up from official sources:

Marad's Ghost fleet includes NDRF but also NISP and many others NDRF should be recognized as the independent naval operation that it is RRF, sibling of NDRF, is a fully functional navy independent as well NIF (inactive fleet) is blatantly missing NISP, similar to NIF as NDRF/RRF are.

Most of these are databased sources, you've seen PMARS (DOT) which handles the NDRF and RRF, RRF has its own operating authority with better data.

NIF and NISP are separate operations though within the US Navy, this needs to be clarified.

Importing a full list of the vessels, types, etc, is quite a simple task, though there are at least 8 contradicting sources for this from authorities.

Marad handles both the NIF and non-nuclear (not cold and hot, only removed) storage except where NIF is operating (usually with RRF) at an active military base

The pattern is typically quite obvious, active civilian or army/navy service, NIF/NISP and RRF, then to NDRF and NISP/NIF inactive...

However, each of these timelines, some MARAD have been there for half a century, others switch between the fleets and service (gulf war, etc), are interrelated.

A category or template box need to be set up to categorize and sort these, obvious data is the actual vessel (always use original name, see SS Norway example) and redirect the newer names and intermediate IDs to the original with a sub section.

Given the suisun bay vs NDRF treehugger court case in two weeks, the clemenceau UN case this coming week, and the problems with the scrappers recently, these should really be cleaned up asap.

I have a database of the vessels in full, its being reactivated and the current data from all sources imported, however its unknown if all sources (obviously not) are public domain from journals or histories, so exporting more than the facts from .mil / .gov will be troubling to filter.

Obviously auto-generation of the historical data is possible, let me know asap how to best do this.

basicly all the vessels need to have the same template for their histories, why this has never been standardized is beyond my comprehension. and via notes here.

(though slightly different in their intl classification, Aircraft Boneyard needs to be handled in the similar manner, even if the aircraft/tailnumbers are simply a table in a list page)



The categories (or lack thereof), especially lacking a standard, are making quite a mess.

  • [[Category:]]

WikiPedia Standard Templates[edit]

These really need to be cleaned up and standardized.

  • [[Category:]]


Hurricane Gustav Industrial Canal[edit]

Various Hot Vessels[edit]


These are typically useful:

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