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Warriors is a novel series written by Erin Hunter, which is four people under one pen name. The following is a list of "Characters outside Clans", as they are called in the allegiances section (character list) of the books.

This refers to characters introduced or mentioned throughout the course of the series who do not belong to a specific Clan or Tribe, i.e. loners, rogues, kittypets and the like.

Original Series[edit]

The Original series covers events in the story from Into the Wild to The Darkest Hour. Many characters mentioned here were introduced in the Original series, but play minor or significant roles in The New Prophecy and Power of Three series as well.


Barley is a black-and-white tom that lives in a barn beyond WindClan territory. He is met by Firepaw while he is on his first journey to the Highstones, a remote region of caves which house the Moonstone, the source of the Clans' connection to StarClan. Barley is a friendly cat and always willing to help cats in need of shelter. He openly accepts Ravenpaw when he makes his escape from ThunderClan, and the two live a comfortable existence afterward.

Barley comes with Ravenpaw to ThunderClan in The Darkest Hour in order to assist Firestar as he deals with the impending invasion of BloodClan, when he reveals that he was in fact a former member of BloodClan.[1] Barley and his littermates were automatically placed under Scourge's rule at birth, and his two brothers, Ice and Snake, formerly called Jumper and Hoot, soon became fierce enforcers of Scourge's orders. When Barley defied one of the Clan's principal rules in caring for and living with his sister, Violet, Ice and Snake attacked them and left Violet heavily injured. Barley narrowly escaped with Violet and left her in the care of a generous Twoleg, while he left the territory altogether and eventually happened upon the abandoned barn (which revealed by "Secrets of the Clans",[2] he crossed clan territory to get there). He reveals the secret of Scourge's weakness to Firestar: that since Scourge does not believe in StarClan, he only has one life. Barley then fights alongside Firestar and Ravenpaw. The remaining cats of all four Clans against BloodClan.

Barley and Ravenpaw finally assisted the Clans in their exodus by allowing them shelter in The New Prophecy series. They are presumed to be continuing their peaceful existence, though they are now effectively separated from the Clans due to the immense distance between them.


Hattie is a pretty brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes who now lives in Firestar's former Twoleg home. She was shown in Firestar's old Twolegs' garden in The Darkest Hour,[1] but it was in Firestar's Quest when she was properly introduced as the new kittypet of Firestar's former Twoleg owners when she asked him if he wanted to use her scratching tree. She is a neighbor and friend of Smudge, and has not been mentioned after Firestar's Quest.[3]


Princess, a light brown tabby with a distinctive white chest and paws, is Firestar's kittypet sister. He initially discovers her garden in Fire and Ice,[4] and returns regularly to talk with her throughout the Original series. Princess is enthralled by Firestar's stories of living in the forest, but also worries about him due to his often ragged appearance. Upon learning that her kits are to be given away, she gives one of them to Firestar to take back to ThunderClan. This kit eventually becomes Cloudtail, a well-known ThunderClan warrior.


Jake is a plump ginger tom. He is Firestar's father. He is also the father of Princess and the grandfather of Cloudtail, Leafpool and Squirrelflight. In Bluestar's Prophecy, Bluepaw talked to Jake when a squirrel she was chasing went over a twoleg fence.[5] His mate is Nutmeg.


Henry is a cat who lives in the Twolegplace that Firestar originally came from. He apparently went to the vet and was never the same since. Henry is only mentioned in the first book and does not have any real significance in the story.[6] He was brought to the cutter (vet) and apparently got 'fixed', losing his ability to be a 'real tom'.


Ravenpaw is a sleek, skinny black loner with a tiny white dash on his chest, and a white-tipped tail who lives at the barn with Barley. Ravenpaw has lost his clumsiness, and become more confident while living with Barley. Ravenpaw was originally a ThunderClan apprentice, but was forced to leave the clan when he saw Tigerclaw, his mentor, who murdered the ThunderClan deputy, Redtail, was trying to kill him and make him an enemy to the clan. This knowledge put his life in danger. He is happy at Barley's barn; the loner lifestyle suits him better than Clan life.

Ravenpaw has his own manga series, Ravenpaw's Path, which was released on November 24, 2009.


Smudge is a friendly, contented, plump black and white tom with a narrow face, round amber eyes, black shoulders, a white tail-tip, and a black nose who was Firestar's best friend during his kithood. Smudge was upset when Firestar decided to leave Twolegplace and live in the forest, but he accepted his friend's decision. Smudge is very comfortable with his life, and cannot imagine why Firestar wants to live in the forest with a bunch of "violent ruffians". Though he misses his friend, he manages to get along well with Firestar's replacement, a she-cat named Hattie.

Smudge's garden sits on the exact location of the ancient camp of SkyClan, and as a result he is fraught with dreams involving the lost Clan's exodus in Firestar's Quest.[3] He mistakenly interprets these dreams as a sign that he must live in the forest, as Firestar had done, and goes into the forest to find his friend. He is attacked by a border patrol, but Firestar arrives in time and calls the patrol off. Firestar then spends the night in Smudge's garden to better ascertain the will of SkyClan's elusive leader. Smudge is very relieved to learn that he does not have to live in the forest after all, and wishes his friend luck on his journey.

The New Prophecy Series[edit]

The New Prophecy series covers events in the story from Midnight to Sunset. Many characters here were first mentioned in the Original series, but had minor or insignificant roles. In addition, as with the Original series, most characters listed here play minor or significant roles in the following series, Power of Three, as well.


Midnight is an elderly female badger first introduced in Midnight of The New Prophecy series.[7] The journeying cats are initially quite surprised to discover that Midnight is actually a badger, as most badgers are hostile towards cats and several cats have been killed by them. Midnight reveals the true purpose of their journey by telling them that the forest is going to be destroyed. She later instructs the cats to return home through the mountains, resulting in the death of Feathertail. She later returns in Twilight to warn ThunderClan of an impending badger attack.[8]

Midnight is shown to have connections with numerous spiritual entities, including StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting. She is also known to be acquainted with Rock and Sol. Her knowledge of events occurring in the future and distant past is comparable to Rock, who also has near-omniscient knowledge of the cats' universe. She hints that there are many more communities of cats living in Clans and Tribes other than the forest cats, foreshadowing the introduction of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Midnight was aware of the Tribe's prophecy regarding Feathertail before she sent the cats to the mountains, effectively sending Feathertail to her death. She appeared in the prologue of Starlight.[9] She is also capable of speaking and understanding the languages of many other animals, including cat, dog, fox, and rabbit, in addition to badger. Her last appearance is in Sunset.[10] She did, however, made two appearances in Long Shadows, one in the prologue, where she is seen talking to the original leaders of the four Clans and then to Rock, and one while talking to Jayfeather in a dream.[11] When Brambleclaw goes to find Midnight in Sunrise, they don't find her.[12] Midnight does however, appear to Jayfeather in another dream.


A sweet, plucky, sleek, heavily-furred, and plump brown tabby kittypet and bright blue eyes, Cody was captured in The New Prophecy by Twolegs because her collar had been ripped off when she ran away from her housefolk (Twoleg owners), intending only to have a bit of fun before returning home, so the Twolegs mistook her for a wild cat. She became friends with Leafpool while they were held captive and woke her up from her depression. After being rescued by ThunderClan, she stayed for a while to look after Ferncloud's kit Birchkit. Before the Clans left the forest, Cody is forced to say goodbye to Leafpool, as although she was willing to help the clan in their hour of need, the life of a warrior cat was not for her, since she couldn't stand the blood and dying, and goes home to her owners.


A tawny she-cat with bright blue eyes, darker brown-tipped ears, paws, muzzle, and tail with brown brindle stripes on her legs, Sasha (also called Brownie by a Twoleg) used to be a kittypet in her early days. But when her housefolk moved due to the death of the wife, Sasha was left on her own, venturing into ShadowClan territory. Her collar was taken off by Pine, another rogue. She caught sight of a patrol of Tigerstar, Jaggedtooth and Rowanclaw, calling Tigerstar "the big handsome tabby." He sees her in a tree, but does not tell his Clanmates. The next day, she leaps from her tree to give the frog that slipped out of Rowanclaw's claws to them. Tigerstar and Sasha begin speaking, and they soon meet every night. They have a bump in their relationship when Tigerstar discovers that Sasha is a kittypet, and he despises kittypets because of Firestar and that his father, Pinestar, had left him and his Clan to become a kittypet, so he does not come. But when he saves her from foxes, their relationship grows stronger, and he invites her to join ShadowClan. However, after she learns of his evil intentions to destroy all the Clans, she realizes he deceived her and rejects his offer.

She is the mother of Hawkfrost and Mothwing, and another kit, named Tadpole. She left Hawkfrost and Mothwing in RiverClan because she knew that Clan life wasn't for her, yet she wanted her kits to grow into warriors. Earlier, Tadpole, Hawk (Hawkfrost) and Moth (Mothwing) traveled away from their nest in order to find Ken. They got lost in the Twolegplace, and were trapped. Tadpole sacrificed his life in order to save his littermates.The place where they were trapped flooded and Tadpole drowned. She asked them to stay with her in the forest when the Clans were leaving, but they refused. It was revealed in a chat that Sasha is alive, still looking for her housefolk.


A muscular gray and white tom, Smoky lives at the horseplace with Floss and formerly Daisy. He was first introduced in Starlight.[9] He is the father of Daisy's kits, Berrynose, Mousewhisker, and Hazeltail, and (along with the other horseplace cats) refers to humans as 'Nofurs' instead of 'Twolegs'. Although he is the mate of both Daisy and Floss, Daisy knows that they care more for each other than they do for her. But in Sunrise when he meets Hazeltail, she tells him that Daisy has moved on; Smoky is saddened by this.[12]


A small gray-and-white she-cat, Floss lives at the horseplace with Smoky, her mate. Her kits were all taken by the Twolegs; or as the horseplace cats call them, the Nofurs. Sister to Daisy, and aunt to Berrynose, Mousewhisker, Hazeltail,Toadstep and Rosepetal and great-aunt to Poppyfrost and Berrynose's kits, born at the end of "The Fourth Apprentice."[13]


A huge tawny mountain lion that terrified the Tribe of Rushing Water when the journeying cats met them. He was introduced in Moonrise, and has not appeared in any other books.[14] Feathertail met her end driving a spike of rock into him, successfully killing him and fulfilling the prophecy that said: "A silver cat, not from this Tribe, will rid us of Sharptooth once and for all".

Power of Three Series[edit]

The Power of Three series covers events in the story from The Sight to Sunrise.


Brightspirit is a deceased very young, beautiful silver tabby she-cat with dazzling green eyes mentioned in Long Shadows.[11] She was created in memory of 10-year-old Warriors fan Emmy Grace Cherry, who died when a tornado struck her house in Russellville, Arkansas.

When ThunderClan was low on catmint she appeared in Jayfeather's dream and told him that catmint was where "wind was". After thinking about it, Jayfeather realized that it was in WindClan.


A skinny light brown tom with large pointed ears, Flick is one of the intruders invading the territory of the Tribe of Rushing Water in Outcast.[15]


A dark brown-and-white she-cat with green eyes, Flora is one of the intruders invading the territory of the Tribe of Rushing Water in Outcast.[15]


Sol is a tall, stocky, long-furred dark brown and bright tortoiseshell loner with pale yellow eyes, a face that tapers at the muzzle, a curving tail bushed at the tip, and large wide-spaced ears. He is a mysterious character introduced in Eclipse.[16] He has knowledge of all four Clans (given to him by Midnight), despite none of them ever having seen him before. Sol predicts the forthcoming eclipse of the sun, an act that appears to be the beginnings of his attempt to convince the Clans that StarClan are not all-powerful. He later convinces Blackstar, who has already begun to lose faith in StarClan, to renounce his faith altogether and not allow his Clan to attend Gatherings.

Sol's character is, for the moment, ambiguous. He is polite, but not friendly. An attempt by Jayfeather to scan his mind results in a whirlwind of thoughts ranging locations far beyond any of the Clan territories, implying that this cat knows far more about the Clans' universe than he cares to reveal. He is also aware of the prophecy concerning Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf. Sol plays a large part in Long Shadows; his face is on the cover and in the excerpt he is seen attempting to convince the Clans to renounce faith in StarClan. It is mentioned in Long Shadows that Midnight told Sol all about StarClan and the four Clans, for a reason she will not disclose.[11] Also, Hollyleaf has a nightmare in which she sees Sol blotting out the moon and her Clanmates crying out in fear. It is perhaps a sign that Sol will destroy all the Clans. In Long Shadows, when Hollyleaf runs into Sol on the lakeshore, he heads towards WindClan's territory where Ashfur's body is later found.[11] Some people suspected him to be Ashfur's murderer rather than Squirrelflight, but Sol does not appear to have a motive. Additionally, when Jayfeather read Squirrelflight's mind following Ashfur's murder, she was afraid, seeming to confirm that she killed Ashfur, not Sol. But in the prologue of Sunrise, as Leafpool is examining Ashfur's body, she finds a tuft of black fur carrying Hollyleaf's scent, identifying Hollyleaf as the real killer.[12] However, the rest of the Clan does not know this, so Ashfoot, the WindClan deputy, reveals to Brambleclaw that she saw Sol near where Ashfur's body was found. Upon hearing this, Firestar sent a patrol consisting of Brambleclaw, Brackenfur, Birchfall, Hazeltail, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. They search a large Twolegplace near the sun-drown-place and find a group of cats that Sol convinced to fight a wild pack of dogs that were threatening their home. After hearing the horrific story of their defeat, the new leader,Jingo, leads them to Purdy as Sol is staying with him. They find him and take him to the ThunderClan camp to be questioned by Firestar, with Purdy tagging along, becoming a ThunderClan elder. After being interrogated by Firestar, Sol is kept as a prisoner, but escapes when he lures Lionblaze to help him out by telling him he knows who his real father is. When the rest of the Clan finds out, it is rather a relief, because the other Clans were threatening Firestar, as they were nervous at the fact that someone like Sol was among them. Therefore, Firestar just told the other Clans that he banished Sol.

Afterwards, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather sneak away to find Sol at the old Twoleg nest, and Hollyleaf almost attacks him. Sol said they were "not ready to listen to him yet". They return, but it results in the same thing, except that Lionblaze gets angry with him, and they all vow to not return.

In "The Forgotten Warrior", Lionblaze finds Sol in the tunnels while trying to discover if Hollyleaf is dead or not. Sol goes to the ThunderClan camp and lies to the Clan, telling them that he saves Cherrypaw and Molepaw from a fox( Hollyleaf is the one that saves them). Berrynose, Poppyfrost, and the younger cats accept him. The older cats do not trust him but, Firestar allows Sol to stay with them. Dovewing and Ivypool do not trust him and while in the tunnels, hear him plotting with some WindClan cats, planning to attack ThunderClan through the tunnels. Dovewing and Ivypool are almost caught by WindClan but a cat saves them and reveals herself to be Hollyleaf. Lionblaze brings Hollyleaf to camp and she reveals that she is the one who saves Cherrypaw and Molepaw from the fox. Many cats, including Berrynose and Poppyfrost, grow furious with Sol and discover he has not returned to camp for a few days. Hollyleaf trains the cats in underground fighting, and with the training they defeat WindClan. Hollyleaf pins down Sol and tells him to never return and if he does, that she will kill him herself.

Sol is also a main character in the SkyClan and the Stranger manga series. He finds SkyClan, and begins to steal food from some foxes that live nearby, which makes Leafstar, the leader of SkyClan, angry with him. Soon, Leafstar decides to exile Sol from SkyClan, revealing that Sol does not know the Clans just because Midnight told him about them.


A large silver tabby tom with dark stripes and amber eyes, Stripes is the leader of the intruders invading the territory of the Tribe of Rushing Water in Outcast.[15] He is shown as a mocking, cruel cat, leading the intruders by no code of honor other than a life-or-death policy similar to BloodClan. At the end of the book, he and the other intruders are defeated by the Clan cats and the Tribe, and surrenders, promising to leave the Tribe alone and to respect their borders.


A young tortoiseshell she-cat with white stripes on her face, Twist is one of the intruders invading the territory of the Tribe of Rushing Water in Outcast.[15] It is noted by Hollypaw that she is of apprentice age, and if she had been a Clan cat, they might have been friends. On a side note, during a Wands and Worlds chat, one fan asked if Twist would make another appearance.[17] This was followed by Erin Hunter asking who Twist was. Therefore, it is assumed that Twist will not appear again.


A dark brown tabby she-cat with the tip of her tail missing, Jingo is the leader that is trying to keep the band of Twolegplace cats together after Sol's dark leadership, introduced in Sunrise.[12] When the wild dogs were chasing the ThunderClan cats, she found them and led them to safety in her abandoned Twoleg nest, and she led them back to were Purdy lives. Sol convinced Jingo to leave her housefolk and join his new Twolegplace "Clan", and she decided that it sounded exciting, and she told her neighbor, Flower, about this, too. Unfortunately, Flower was killed by the wild dogs while on a hunting mission.

When Sol was leader of the Twolegplace cats, he acted like their king, always asking them to bring him food, but never hunting himself. After Flower was killed, he devised a plan to show the dogs who's territory the nest was. He made it sound as if there was no other choice, and Pepper, Jester, and Frosty were killed as a result of his bad judgment, and all the cats had wounds, except for Sol, because he didn't raise a paw to help his cats. Soon after, Jingo asked him to leave.

Jingo is obviously a very emotionally strong character, as she had to deal with guilt from inviting Flower to join Sol, only for her to be killed. She also has to keep the shattered group together, and Lionblaze and Brambleclaw are impressed by this personality trait. Brambleclaw, as she is going back to the abandoned Twoleg nest, says, too softly for her to hear, "Goodbye, Jingostar. May StarClan light your path." This shows that he thinks she is as noble as a Clan leader.


A broad-shouldered gray tom, Hussar has a long scar on his side from the fight with the wild dogs. He joined the Twolegplace "Clan" with Jingo, so they may be very good friends. Hussar is probably the strongest of the group, and therefore he acts as deputy to Jingo. He is rather calm, despite his size and strength, but shows an uncharacteristic hatred for Sol.


A flecked brown she-cat, Speckle is nursing four kits, one of which is named Frisk. Her mate left when the wild dogs started to terrorize the lone cats in the abandoned Twoleg nest, but she is now in love with Sol, as she said she "wanted them [the kits] to be Sol's" and she would be "very glad to see him." She also defends Sol's reputation when they are discussing him with the Clan cats. She seems very protective of her kits and extremely suspicious of the Clan cats, perhaps because she knows they are looking for Sol, and when they find him it won't be for a friendly visit.


Fritz is a small black and white tom with a torn ear from the dog fight. He is a very jumpy, soft-spoken cat. He is evidently friends with Jingo, or possibly mates, because he was comforting her when the subject of Flower came up, and vice versa when Fritz was scared. He was the first to meet the ThunderClan cats, near the edges of the Twolegplace, and tipped them off that Sol was nearby when he said, obviously scared to death of the Clan cats, "That's what he said! And look what happened!" They assumed that he was talking about Sol.


A scrawny brown tom with a scarred, gray muzzle, Pod is rather skittish, but he is very talkative and is not afraid to speak his mind, as opposed to Fritz. He complains quite a lot, and often insults things he hates, such as the dogs or Sol. It seems he has a grudge against Sol for acting as a leader among the Twolegplace cats, while he and his "Clanmates" went hungry and had to train nonstop for the fight against the dogs. Pod was one of the first to come to Sol's abandoned Twoleg nest, along with Fritz and Speckle.

Merry & Chirp[edit]

Merry is a ginger and white she-cat with green eyes, while Chirp is a pale gray tabby tom. They are the last of the Twolegplace cats to meet the ThunderClan patrol. Their appearance triggered all of the Twolegplace cats into hiding, thinking they were the dogs. When they arrive, Merry leaves soon after, muttering, "These cats are just like Sol." This signals she probably dislikes strangers, like everybody else in the abandoned Twoleg nest after Sol's leadership. But Chirp stays near the door. As he listens to the discussion, he gives the Clan cats very valuable information: there are rumors that Sol is back, and he is living with Purdy.


Flower was a beautiful young she-cat killed by the wild dogs. She was a former kittypet, and was Jingo's neighbor. Jingo convinced her to come with her to the abandoned Twoleg nest. Her death caused Sol to create a plan to fight the wild dogs, resulting in more deaths. Jingo misses Flower, and feels guilty about bringing her here to her death.

Pepper & Jet[edit]

Jet is a long-furred black tom, and Pepper is his littermate. Pepper was chosen by Sol to lead the dogs to the unused monster's den. But he never made it; the dogs outran him and killed him, then played with his body. After the battle, Sol walked in and asked Jet to bring him some food, and Jet would have killed Sol if Hussar had not held him back. Jet walked in while the Clan cats and the Twolegplace cats were discussing Sol, and he showed extreme anger towards Sol, saying to Jingo, "It's not okay. It'll never be okay. I don't want to think about that cat ever again!"

Jester & Frosty[edit]

Jester and Frosty were the two cats that died as a result of Sol's plan to fight the dogs. Jester was a tom that was so seriously wounded, he died from his injuries in the abandoned Twoleg nest. Frosty was a she-cat that was ripped to pieces by the dogs.


Oscar is a kittypet that Firestar meets while searching for cats who would be willing to join the new SkyClan. He is grouchy and thinks that everything Firestar tells him is complete nonsense and refuses to join. He is described as a muscular black tom with green eyes.

Stick, Cora, Coal, Snowy, and Shorty[edit]

These five cats meet Firestar when he is traveling to rebuild SkyClan, and is separated from Sandstorm. Stick is a brown tom with yellow eyes and a torn ear, Cora is a black she cat with a ripped ear, Coal is a black tom with amber eyes and a long coat, Snowy is a pretty white she cat with bright blue eyes, and Shorty is a brown tabby tom with a stub for a tail and amber eyes. Shorty saves Sandstorm from some Twoleg kits, and then shows Firestar which way she went. In Dawn, there is a cat whose name is Coal in a twoleg nest,[18] who may be the same Coal that was mentioned in Firestar's Quest. They are also seen in SkyClan's Destiny where they join SkyClan for a while.[19] They leave after SkyClan helps them in the battle with Dodge, Stick's greatest enemy.

The Rise of Scourge[edit]


The brother of Scourge and Ruby and the son of Quince, Socks is a black tom with a white muzzle, tail tip, and paws. He, along with Ruby, tormented their younger brother Tiny into running away from home in The Rise of Scourge.[20] However, he seems to have a less vicious personality than his sister. Later in the book, Socks and Ruby appear before Tiny, now Scourge, abandoned by their Twolegs and desperate for food and shelter. After a vengeful speech in which Scourge states that he no longer thinks of them as family, and indeed, doesn't think of family at all, he allows them to eat, but afterwards, he exiles them both. It was revealed in a Wands and Worlds chat with Erin Hunter on August 16, 2008,[17] that Socks and Ruby are still alive.


Scourge's sister, Ruby, along with her brother Socks, taunted and scared their brother Tiny enough so that he ran away from his Twoleg nest, by saying that Tiny was going to be thrown in the river because he "wasn't wanted." She and Socks were later adopted by housefolk, but were abandoned when they moved away. They came to Tiny (now Scourge), begging for assistance, but were soon turned away. It was revealed in a Wands and Worlds chat with Erin Hunter that they are still alive.[17] She is described as a light gray she-cat.


Scourge's mother, Quince had one litter: Ruby, Socks, and Tiny (later Scourge). It is revealed in a Wands and Worlds chat with Erin Hunter that she is still alive, but is quite old.[17] She mated with Firestar's father, although she is not his mother. She is described as a dark gray she-cat with a red collar and amber eyes.

Graystripe's Trilogy[edit]


A light brown tabby tom with black zig-zag stripes and a white chest, paws, and muzzle, Diesel befriended Graystripe and Millie at a truck stop in Warrior's Return.[21] When he met the duo, he offered them food and shelter. Millie accepted, while Graystripe was reluctant but was forced to accept the offer when shortly afterwards, Graystripe was hit by a car. Diesel suggested they get to the sun-drown-place by hitching a ride on a truck.


An unfriendly black-and-white tom with a spiked collar and nicks in his ears, Duke was first introduced in The Lost Warrior.[22] One of the house cats in the surrounding Twolegplace where Graystripe lives for a while with the Twoleg family, he is leader of a small group of hostile kittypets. It is said that "no one defeats Duke", as he is a vicious fighter. Graystripe, weakened from his stay with the Twolegs, is defeated by him once, but later afterward Duke and his kittypet group are beaten themselves by Graystripe and Millie.


A long-haired dark gray tom with a lighter gray muzzle and a tuft of lighter gray fur on the top of his head, Husker is a patriarch of sorts of the family of barn cats Graystripe and Millie discovers in Warrior's Refuge.[23] He is the mate of Moss and the father of Birdy, Pad, Raindrop, and Little Mew. He offers shelter to Millie and Graystripe after Millie's eyes are injured in the cornfield close to the barn where he and his family live. He explains that he and his family used to live with a family of kind, elderly Twolegs, but when they died, a new Twoleg family moved in and chased the cats away. He is seen playing with the Twolegs after Graystripe and Millie earn the Twolegs' gratitude for saving one of the Twoleg kits and lead them to the barn to meet the barn cats. It is assumed Husker becomes one of the Twolegs' kittypets afterward, as well as the rest of the family.


A slender black she-cat, Moss is the mate of Husker and the sister of Splash, as well as the mother of Birdy, Raindrop, Pad, and Little Mew. She is first introduced, along with the other barn cats, in Warrior's Refuge, and convinces Husker to let Graystripe and Millie shelter in the barn after Millie's eyes are injured from the cornfield.[23] Due to Graystripe and Millie's saving one of the Twoleg kits, Moss and the rest of her family are accepted by the Twolegs in the end of the novel, and it is assumed that they have become their new kittypets.


A young black-and-white tom, Splash is the brother of Moss and is one of the barn cats in Warrior's Refuge.[23] He maintains a minor role throughout the novel, and in the end is accepted by the Twolegs who were previously hostile to them. It is assumed that he and the rest of the barn cats have become their new kittypets.

Tigerstar and Sasha's Trilogy[edit]


Patch is a black-and-white kitten who was first introduced in Escape From the Forest.[24] He would have drowned in the river if it hadn't been for Sasha alerting the captain of the boat in the river at that time. Over time, the captain started to grow fond of Patch. As the river froze, the captain was loading up a truck, but Sasha wouldn't get in, saying that she had to stay and told Patch to "take care of the captain." The captain said his goodbyes to Sasha, understanding she "was a wanderer," and left with Patch.


A battle-scarred, pale tom with dark markings running across his back, Pine is a loner outside the forest and befriended Sasha in her early days as a loner. He was first introduced in Into the Woods, the first novel in the Tigerstar and Sasha trilogy.[25]

Ravenpaw's Path[edit]


Violet is Barley's sister, a cat originally mentioned in Secrets of the Clans. In the field guide, Violet is almost killed by Barley's (and therefore also her own) brothers Ice and Snake (born Jumper and Hoot), but Barley takes her to live with Fuzz, a kittypet. Violet is described as being a "tiny cat, pale orange with thin darker orange stripes" as well as with white paws.[2]


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