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Jonathan Dach
Born (1986-05-26) May 26, 1986 (age 31)[1]
Nationality United States
Alma mater Yale University
Employer U.S. Department of State
Known for Summit of the Americas prostitution scandal

Jonathan "Jonny" Dach (born May 26, 1986) is an American best known for his alleged involvement in the Summit of the Americas prostitution scandal and subsequent allegations a U.S. Department of Homeland Security report on his alleged involvement in the incident had been covered-up by sources high in the government.

Early life[edit]

Dach is the son of Leslie Dach, the former executive vice-president for government relations at Walmart and a senior adviser to the Democratic National Committee.[2][3] He majored in ethics at Yale University, graduating in 2008. At Yale, he was a resident of Jonathan Edwards College, and went on to receive a J.D. from the Yale University School of Law in 2013.[3][4] Dach was a member of Book and Snake at Yale and was involved in the Society Council, the organization which oversees Yale's secret societies.[5]

Dach worked as a volunteer with the United States presidential inaugural committee in 2008.[6]


Advance associates program[edit]

While still a law student, Dach volunteered to work with the White House Advance Associates Program.[7] The program uses volunteers to assist in preparing for the arrival of the president of the United States during his domestic and foreign travels. Selection for the program is not advertised, according to Buzzfeed, the "plum gig is open to anyone with the right connections".[8]

Prostitution scandal[edit]

In 2012 Dach was working as part of the advance team preparing for the visit of the president of the United States to Colombia in April 2012.[9][10] According to a 2014 report in the Washington Post, Dach brought a prostitute to his hotel room at the Hilton while working on the advance team.[10] The Washington Post, which had earlier covered the Secret Service prostitution scandal that occurred on the same trip, went on to allege the White House had ordered a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) investigator to withhold information concerning Dach's retention of a prostitute, at the same time the administration was firing and censuring Secret Service special agents who had patronized Colombian prostitutes, as it could be "potentially embarrassing".[9][10] In naming Dach, the Washington Post cited hotel logs that showed Dach had brought an overnight guest to his room shortly after midnight on April 8, 2012 (prostitution is legal in Colombia, however, prostitutes must register at hotels before servicing a guest in their room), and confidential sources within the U.S. government who confirmed Dach's name was uncovered in the DHS inquiry.[9][10]

Dach denied the allegations in a statement released by a family spokesman, but declined to be interviewed for the Washington Post story.[9][10][11] Society friends of Dach, however, were quick to defend him, declaring the allegations were out of character. One even alleged a conspiracy by Secret Service agents jealous of Dach's patrician social status, commenting that "some jockish guy in the Secret Service probably hated this little s**t-head from Yale and booked the prostitute under his room number."[12] Secret service employees, for their part, expressed anger that their colleagues had been fired by the administration while the child of one of its political donors had been protected despite allegedly engaging in the same behavior.[13]

Following the publication of the Washington Post story, Slate reported the discovery that, a year prior to the allegations surfacing, a poem alleging Dach's use of prostitutes during the Colombia trip had been posted to the comments section of a Yale student publication, detailing the then-unreported allegations and seemingly warning of their future revelation as revenge for the treatment of the fired Secret Service agents. [14]

Dach, third from left, serving as part of a U.S. delegation to the Democratic Republic of Congo in December 2014.

State department[edit]

Beginning in 2014, Dach worked as a policy adviser in the United States Department of State's Office on Global Women's Issues.[5][7] Following the prostitution scandal, he was reassigned as a policy adviser on climate change within the department, where he is currently employed.[15]


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