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I'm Gord.

This is my Wiki user page.

What I do here[edit]

My interests are wide-ranging, but much of my time editing is devoted to sports-related articles, if only because there's so much work left to be done in the topic.

My current baby is List of players selected to the Pro Bowl, which I have guided from infancy to one of the largest lists on Wikipedia. It's nowhere near complete; I'll be plugging away for the foreseeable future.

I'm also an administrator, which means that I have a few more tools at my disposal. If I've deleted an article or if I've blocked a user, it's not without a very good reason. I'm open to calmly discussing these matters, so please leave me a message on my talk page if my reasons for doing so aren't immediately apparent.

As far as my editing tendencies, I'm very much a gnome. I'm particularly fond of adding templates to articles where needed and copy editing.

If you like, check out my "to do list".

Articles I've started[edit]

Baseball articles[edit]

Ron Mahay ° Scott Feldman ° Nick Masset ° Robinson Tejeda ° American League rosters ° National League rosters ° Juan Dominguez ° Dick Stone

Other articles[edit]

List of Canadian Ministers of Railways and Canals ° Adam Fulara ° You Eediot! ° Radio Daze (album) ° Ziegfeld Girl (film) ° Laycock (surname) ° Chisholm Trail High School ° Mark Bell (wide receiver)

Articles created via WP:AFC[edit]

Scientific Technology Options Assessment ° Chondrosea cotyledon ° James Oyebola ° Lauren Hewett ° Chionanthus retusus ° Harrisville, Mississippi ° Esther Erlich ° Ann Charney ° Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (Australia)

Statistics of minimal importance[edit]

During my interwiki work, I often wind up editing in languages that I don't speak. As of 1/9/09, here is my (somewhat incomplete) edit count across the numerous projects:

Project Total edits Pages edited Project Total edits Pages edited Project Total edits Pages edited
en 18451 11182 fr 372 356 sv 256 251
no 248 236 simple 217 170 de 70 68
pl 42 40 nl 36 33 jp 24 23
commons 13 6 da 12 11 ca 9 7