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I'm a Melbourne-based Wikipedian, born in Hobart.

Most of my editing on Wikipedia has been on police, espionage, Melbourne, London, British or Australian government topics.

I check the Recent Changes log, usually at British schoolkids hour, and I'm mostly concentrating on missing biographies of Australian government ministers, as well as keeping 2011 in Australia up to date.

I also hope to upload images (photos, diagrams, maps) that I'm working on to the Wikimedia Commons.

I actually signed up to write for Nupedia back in 2000 (on computing and geography topics), but obviously nothing I wrote made it through to the site... if anything ever did. I've joined the Wikipedia community in August 2005 and deeply regret not doing so much earlier. I am constantly amazed and astounded at how the Wikipedia works, and deeply committed to helping this incredible project evolve and grow in any way I can.


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I award this Barnstar to Canley for his/her heroic work in expanding the Australian intelligence agencies and related articles. --K. AKA Konrad West TALK

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Thank you for your helpfulness in the subject of computers. Ilikefood 15:43, 5 October 2006 (UTC)