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Welcome to my user page!

Please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. I'll respond quickly! Thanks for visiting, I hope you like your stay >.< Have a look at the rest of this page to know more about me... And thanks to Riana for the design, and to Erich, and Editor at Large, who both helped create it in the first place. By the way, I'm quite not sure what difference it makes, but people seem to think it important... I view this page in Internet Explorer. :)
Cheers- CattleGirl

On Wikipedia [edit]

If you have any urgent questions/requests, see Help Desk, Administrators Noticeboard, Administrator Intervention Against Vandalism or Adopt-a-user talk page. People will be quite willing to help you on all of these pages.
  • If you have any queries about anything, feel free to contact me on my talk page, or if you're blocked, or if the matter is of a private nature, I can also be contacted by email.
  • I'm on Wikipedia pretty much every day for a few hours... Juggling band practise and boredom, hm.
  • I revert a lot of vandalism, and I also like to vote on AFD and TFD's. If I've reverted an edit that you believe was valid, or warned you for one that was not yours, feel free contact me on my talk page.
  • I don't use usernames outside the website I originally registered it on, with the exception of Wikimedia projects. I'm known as CattleGirl here, and on Wikiquote, where I would only be a casual editor- but accounts on other projects called CattleGirl aren't me, unless I note it here.

My Subpages and Pages of Interest [edit]

Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace
Autograph Book
My sandbox
My to-do list
My User test page
My userboxes
Codes for my user and talk pages
My RFA and general admin standards
My edit count

About me [edit]

R.I.P. Andy, Damo, Casey, and Pattie.

I'm a very passionate musician, so I tend to hang around those pages (and shows >.<) that I'm interested it. I'm straight edge, and listen to a lot of alternative and punk, alternative rock, metal... anything with a good set of guitars, really. Shows are fun. Hm. That's me.

I work with cattle a lot, usually red or black angus, as well as sheep. So I'll see all of you show-goers at the Melbourne Show...

I'm also a proud supporter of Greenpeace, a non-violent organisation that works for sustainability of the world's resources, and also saving lives of countless animals, most notably whales. I'm involved in many campaigns in reducing global warming, which raises money for funding green energy resources, as well as raising public awareness.

I also do not support nuclear waste and power, whaling, and bottom trawling, which is causing damage to the bottom of the earth's oceans.

The life of CattleGirl [edit]

This is just some misc stuff about me. If you don't believe in the same things I do, please don't vandalise my well-meant words here. If you find my words insulting or offensive in any way, please contact me.

  • I am a Christian, and I love Christian bands like Hillsong United.
  • I am a proud supporter of Greenpeace.
  • Like the username, I love cattle.
  • I swim very reguarly, specialising in butterfly.
  • I play a lot of sport, and on top of swimming, I also play waterpolo and netball.
  • My dream is to be a musician. My days are spent practising guitar for hours on end, with the occasional band practise, and I like it that way :).
  • I follow Christian Straight edge (sXe) philosophy.

Awards [edit]

Awards I've received on Wikipedia-

Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
I award this Barnstar for your contributions to Wikipedia!!! Nirajrm talk sign plz!! 23:12, 13 March 2007 (UTC)

Nuvola apps chat.png The IRC Buddy Barnstar
I award you this for being a friend and adopter of various Wikipedians. Good work! Philippe Auguste 03:02, 29 August 2007 (UTC)

Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar.png The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar
Thanks for your kind reply on my talk page, especially that very long message, keep up the good work, and I am very proud to be your adoptee! Thanks a lot,Holmes.sherlock 04:18, 26 August 2007 (UTC)

Adopt Barnstar.png The Adopting Barnstar
For adopting so many users I Swirlex give you this adopting Barnstar.

Music [edit]

I'm one of two electric guitarists and backup singers in my band, and I care a lot about what I do. Since one of my passions is music, I wanted to say one thing on here. Don't cancel out an entire genre of music because of stereotypes. If you don't like one song, or a lifestyle, it doesn't mean it's all bad! Be open to all sorts of music, listen to people's suggestions for songs to listen to, and if you like it, you like it, and if you don't, you don't, whatever it is. Admittedly, most people, including me, enjoy one sort of music more than others- you'd be hard pressed to find a pop song I like, and I really don't like most "house" songs-but seriously, be open to everything. One more thing- if you don't like something, Wikipedia is not the place to tell everyone. There's forums for that.

Interesting websites [edit]

Please visit these sites- I find them interesting:
Ocean Defenders
My Chemical Romance
Angus Australia (cattle)
Frank Iero Fan - with lots of music news.


Due to me discovering the joys of userboxes, I found that they were cluttering this page... but please feel free to have a look through them here. The ones that belong to projects inside Wikipedia I put on THIS page, as well as a couple of interesting ones.

sXe This user follows the straight edge lifestyle.

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The Municipal Theatre of São Paulo is a theatre and landmark in São Paulo, Brazil. It is significant both for its architectural value as well as its historical importance; the theatre was the venue for the Modern Art Week in 1922, which revolutionised the arts in Brazil. The building now houses the São Paulo Municipal Symphonic Orchestra, the Coral Lírico (Lyric Choir), and the City Ballet of São Paulo.

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