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National Register Listings[edit]

There are ten individual segments of the Bozeman Trail listed on the National Register of Historic Places. [1]

NRHP Place NRHP Number County State
Antelope Creek Crossing 89000816 Converse Wyoming
Holdup Hollow Segment 89000818 Converse Wyoming
Lake Desmet Segment 89000814 Johnson Wyoming
Nine Mile Segment 89000813 Campbell Wyoming
Powder River Station 89000810 Campbell Wyoming
Ross Flat Segment 89000811 Converse Wyoming
Sage Creek Station 89000812 Converse Wyoming
Stinking Water Gulch Segment 89000817 Converse Wyoming
Trabing Station-Crazy Woman Crossing 89000815 Johnson Wyoming
Yellowstone Crossing 78003407 Sweet Grass Montana
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