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This Wikipedia:WikiProject is intended to improve coherence and terminology across pages that belong in the various logic categories, especially those that belong in the mathematical logic categories.

What is the motive for starting a logic WikiProject?[edit]

  1. Policy: To help reach agreement on nomenclature for various logical systems (eg. logic vs. calculus vs. system), on notations used in formal logic, and to establish a few conventional definitions that have agreed places where their definitions can be found;
  2. Organisation #1: To make categories useful:
    • To establish a sort of style guide for categories;
    • To reach agreement on what are the inclusion criteria for categories;
  3. Organisation #2: To figure out what the logic pages are, and which are most central, to allow a synoptic overview of the logic pages
  4. Coordination #1: To sort out what should go where with overlapping articles (eg. Organon, term logic, Aristotelian logic, and syllogism);
  5. Coordination #2: To have a project-wide to-do list of most wanted improvements to the logic pages.


To be made explicit; implicitly it's the subject that has all the topics in the proposed hierarchy in it, or it's what the logic article is about

Proposed hierarchy[edit]

See User:Chalst/watchlist


  • We need an article that talks about logic as a pedagogical tool (Logic as an exercise in character building), but I've no idea about what to call it. Some thoughts:
    • College logic is the term most used to talk about this, however the term is very much restricted to modern contexts, and I'd say about half of the potential encyclopediac content of such an article is pre-modern.
    • Dialectical logic has unwanted Hegelian/Marxist overtones.
    • The subsection of the logic article dealing with this is called Logic and reasoning, which links to deductive reasoning, but that isn't really about this topic.
  • Establish some sort of guideline for formatting statements and symbols (depending on context), so there is a consistency across logic articles. Similarly, when, where, and if to use LaTeX to generate logical statements. For instance, "If P then Q" is symbolized in various ways:
    • P → Q
    • P→Q
    • PQ
    • p → q
    • pq
    • P ⊃ Q
    • p ⊃ q
    • Etc.