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Core logic[edit]

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Fundamental definitions[edit]

History of logic[edit]

Types of logic[edit]

Parts of logic[edit]

Subdisciplines of logic[edit]

Knowledge representation and reasoning[edit]

Mathematical logic[edit]

Algebraic logic[edit]

Model theory[edit]

Proof theory[edit]


Applications of logic in mathematical[edit]

Logic in computer science[edit]

Semantics of programming languages[edit]

Type theory[edit]

Proof assistants[edit]

Basis for modelling Proof assistants and Automated theorem provers
Systems based on logical frameworks
LF (logical framework) LCF theorem prover, Twelf
Hereditary Harrop formulae Isabelle, Lambda-PROLOG
Calculus of constructions
and extensions
Coq, LEGO theorem prover
Intuitionistic type theory NuPRL, MetaPRL, ALF theorem prover
Linear logic Forum meta-logic
Systems based on direct symbolic representations
Hilbert calculus Metamath
First-order logic Mizar, Vampire theorem prover
Church's simple theory of types
and extensions
HOL theorem prover, Prototype Verification System, ProofPower
Equational logic Gabbay's deductive system, OBJ3
Rewriting logic Maude system, ELAN

To incorporate: Automath, NQTHM, MinLog, ACL2, Otter (software).

Logic for argument[edit]

Mathematical structures for logic and semantics[edit]

Topology and order theory[edit]

Recursion theory[edit]

Set theory[edit]

Untyped lambda calculus[edit]

Philosophy of logic and Philosophical logic[edit]

Semantics of logic[edit]

The human side[edit]


Institutions and movements[edit]

Logic categories[edit]

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