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Name: Neil Fairbrother (not Neil Fairbrother)
Date of Birth: January 6, 1987
Location: Gnosall, Staffordshire
Originally From: Woodseaves, Staffordshire

Random stuff: I am from Woodseaves, Staffordshire, and have finished studying my A levels at Adams' Grammar School, Newport. My main interests are Geology, Snooker, Doctor Who and anything local to where I live, which is what most of my Wiki contributions are. I am a graduate of Geology, having studied at Cardiff University from 2005-2009. I have worked as the Chemistry Technician at Adams' Grammar School since September 2009.

I have also made a fair amount of contributions to the pages about the rock band R.E.M., and I wrote the majority of the Geology of Shropshire article myself.

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