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Useful scheme[edit]


  • Systems (Because everyone is always breaking them up.
  • Events (More human than time)
  • Nature (Includes natural and physical world)


  • Human - Though obviously we are part of nature; but it is our fundamental category
  • Knowledge (Or Mind, Ontology, Abstraction, Truth, Belief, Knowledge, Categorisation, Thought, Philosophy)
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Persons
  • Organizations
  • Religion?


  • Reference
  • Wikipedia (Because it is a categorisation in Wikipedia. special case)

Useful comments[edit]

Encyclopedia is a written compendium of human knowledge. All main topics are called "Knowledge about ....". We list such general subjects as beauty (philosophy) and landform (geology). So, rather than just sticking with Philosophy, we will have being, goodness, knowledge, and a number of other basic topics studied by philosophy.

I've divided all knowledge into four topics:

All that concerns humans directly. From Language, Good to Politics.
The natural world, especially in its essential form, untainted by human influence. From Big Bang, Life, Physics to galaxy. (Except anything related to Humans)
In another words, Techlnology is nature altered by Humans. From invention and usage of fire, wheel, axe to Internet, Electricity, Nuclear reactor, Spacecraft.
  • General and Abstract Knowledge.
Anything that relates to humans, nature and technology.

See talk:Wikipedia arranged by topic.

Sub Categories[edit]