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  • Wikipedia:USA - Unknown-importance United States articles‎ (Ongoing)
  • Wikipedia Biography Assessments (ongoing)
  • WP:HENTAI completed
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Articles for Creation[edit]

Need Article count system. Assuming 1k+ AfC reviews done.


I've fixed thousands of errors through the use of Checkwiki. I've begun to do my own scan and checks with the Database dumps.

Good Article Reviews[edit]


Ed, Edd n Eddy, Bronwen Knox, Glencora Ralph, La Fleche (horse), Legitimate expectation in Singapore law, Nicola Zagame, Presidential Council for Minority Rights, Public Prosecutor v. Taw Cheng Kong, Rowena Webster, Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 DC HSM lens Teigan Van Roosmalen, Tristan (horse), United States constitutional criminal procedure, Victoria Brown (water polo), Yuffie Kisaragi Zanzibar women's national football team SMS Gazelle Mortal Kombat SMS Nymphe SMS Niobe Gazelle class cruiser SMS Ariadne SMS Medusa SMS Thetis SMS Amazone SMS Arcona SMS Undine SMS Frauenlob SMS Hamburg SMS Lübeck SMS Bremen SMS München SMS Berlin SMS Leipzig (unsorted) Bizarro (Six Flags New England) Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Miran Pastourma Manal al-Sharif You (George Harrison song) Okay Hot-Shot, Okay! Sega Game Gear


Saitō Hajime (Rurouni Kenshin) Friedrich Eckenfelder Dead or Alive 5 - Ortrun Enderlein


Hoaxes are terrible, here is a list of ones I took part in removing.

  1. Battle of Fort Walker See: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Battle of Fort Walker
  2. List of Bleach episodes (season 17) See: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of Bleach episodes (season 17)

Persondata-o-Matic Use[edit]

Unknown, but this is my next focus. As there is no way to track this program's use in an easy manner, I will avoid making estimates.


Quotes Found[edit]

Missing quotes are a problem. So I've been clearing these up. List of some of the quotes found sources for.

  1. Classic Maya collapse
  2. Eric Adams (musician) (2 Quotes)
  3. Susan Aglukark
  4. Rene Anselmo
  5. Anti-rival good (3 Quotes)
  6. Asset forfeiture Found source from HathiTrust archive to digitized report for easy checks.
  7. The Barber of Seville (play) Added second translation, Original French and scene ref.
  8. Elijah Craig Found one quote which was two. Cited both.
  9. August Rush Found quote.
  10. Larry Austin Found quote.
  11. Fletcher Bowron Obvious location. Cited.
  12. The Dancing Did Found important part, dropped the rest because it wasn't fully cited.
  13. Billiard Congress of America Self proclaimed, but sourced.
  14. Bili ape Easy. Source found.

Quotes Removed[edit]

  1. Simon Anderson Replace false quote with accurate sourced quote.
  2. Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen song) Removed negative comment from Baker with no source. Almost 6 years old.
  3. Deer penis Quote was non-existent as was the source used. No mention in that source. Was in movie though.
  4. Mohammad Abbas Ansari Two quotes existed. Both came from personal webpages and were unreliable. Removed, useless political quotes anyways.
  5. Aun ibn Abdillah and Muhammad ibn Abdillah Most was a CV from another source. Fixed multiple issues.
  6. Babol The quote had a misspelling and no source.
  7. Dog meat Removed 'three beasts' because sources say otherwise. Pig, Chicken, Cow, Ox, etc...
  8. Bombay (soundtrack) No source for the info.
  9. Boyracer No need for quote, could not find source.
  10. Bhavnagar No source or need for peacock terms. Possibly found in old book, but not in one listed in other references.
  11. Poitou donkey Found source, but source was not reliable or an authority. Equivalent of Removed secondary comment as well.
  12. Tallulah Bankhead Removed unsourced negative quote.

TypoScan Project[edit]

Over 50,000 typos corrected. Current value listed here. [1] I've continued to operate a self-run TypoScan to address additional problems as the original backlog has been completed.

Unsourced BLP Categories[edit]

Finished off the backlogs for the unsourced BLP catagory.

  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from May 2009
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from February 2010
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from May 2010
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from June 2010
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from April 2011
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from June 2011
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from July 2011
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from November 2011
  • Category:Unreferenced BLPs from February 2012


Over 2600 reverts. 18 reported Vandals to Adminstration

Examples of things which stayed for too long:

  • For three years Coffea was a food plant for "napoleon jacutin"? [2] - Sadly, the vandalism is all over Wikipedia mirrors and sources now.

WP:ANIME Clean up[edit]

As of May 20th, of the 12319 articles in this project 5494 or 44.6 % are marked for cleanup, with 10208 issues in total. I've begun addressing this matter by cleaning up the problems. Completed the following:

  • Wikipedia spam cleanup
  • Wikipedia external links cleanup
  • Articles needing link rot cleanup
  • Pages with excessive dablinks
  • Vague or ambiguous geographic scope
  • Persondata templates without short description parameter (716 alone!)

The next update was on 27 May 2013 with 12322 articles in this project 5088 or 41.3 % are marked for cleanup, with 9470 issues in total.