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CJ is a very dull person who finds strange joy in editing Wikipedia articles. Currently he is trying to compile a listing of Paranormal television shows and to that end has created a new category,Paranormal Television which is a sub-category of Television genres. His interests include Theology, Parapsychology, board games and roleplaying games. He has written supplements for the roleplaying games Call of Cthulhu and Ars Magica and other games, and has worked on such Paranormal television shows as Most Haunted and Ghosthunters etc, etc, and one day hopes to warrant an underlined entry rather than being mentioned in passing on other peoples and shows! (Actually I did have one for a year or two but asked for it to be deleted as I'm not very interesting) Still it was nice to find myself mentioned in passing in a couple of Wikipedia articles, and hence my sudden interest in the project.

You can find me at[edit]

I post on the as Jerome (and am very proud of winning the First Richard Dawkins Forum Science Writing Contest this month!)and also on the James Randi Educational Foundation Foundation as cj.23 You are welcome to email me if you so desire!

Original Contributions to Wikipedia include[edit]

Paranormal? - TV show, Ghosthunters - TV show, West Stow - village, Ingham, Suffolk - village, Derek Acorah - TV personality, Phil Whyman- TV personality, Paranormal television- article, Paranormal Television-category, Haunted History - TV show, Derby Gaol- UK location, Ciarán O' Keeffe - parapsychologist, Louie Savva - parapsychologist, Scariest Places On Earth - TV show, American Society for Psychical Research - parapsychological organisation, Boston Society for Psychical Research- parapsychological organisation

An odd list for a chap who watches very little TV. :)

Major Revisions include[edit]

Most Haunted - tv show, Breckland - area England, Richard Felix - TV personality, Society for Psychical Research - parapsychological organisation, Spiritualist Church

Editing includes[edit]

Thetford, Forest Heath, Linda Blair, Ghost Hunters, Peter Igneus


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