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About me

Hi, I'm Cloud668 (also known by numerous other names on other spectrums of the Internet). I am a very infrequentan occasional Wikipedia contributor, otaku, and a huge Kagikko. I have an interest in anime, manga, light novels, visual novels, and video games, and I am very affectionate towards confectionery and cookies. My main concentration on Wikipedia is on visual novel articles, but I do occasionally work on other anime or video game-related articles. I am a very slow writer, but I do try to make up for that by maintaining a certain degree of quality in my contributions.

Outside of Wikipedia, I can sometimes be found translating random stuff. As a disclaimer, I have in recent years worked on the official translations of subject matters that I have previously contributed to. None of these previous contributions were paid, nor do I accept compensation or benefits of any kind to work on articles. To avoid a conflict of interest, I will also refrain from making major edits to articles of works that I have contributed to (vandalism reverts or minor copyedits notwithstanding).

To-do list


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