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I am a Wikipedian in Queensland, Australia.

My nickname is derived from a combination of my name and the 1990s computer game Commander Keen, although I haven't played the game extensively.

Wikipedia did you know...[edit]

  • ...that you can use google to search just the Wikipedia site. Eg, at Google just use " Foo".
  • ...if you use Firefox you can go to any Wikipedia article by typing "wp Article name" into the address bar. Currently you have to set up a bookmark to do this though.
  • ...that newcomers can place {{helpme}} on their talk page to get assistance. Questions can be anything to do with improving the encyclopedia (technical etc).
  • ...that many Wikipedians like to communicate via IRC chatrooms. You can often find me in the #wikipedia-en-help chat room on the freenode network. You can try connecting to #wikipedia-en-help via the Web-based client. If you are stuck behind a firewall that doesn't allow IRC (at work/school etc) you can try, Server:, Channel: #wikipedia-en-help
  • ...that you can use the toolserver tool Nubio to search hundreds of Wikipedia FAQs.
  • ...that MediaWiki software developers use Bugzilla to keep track of bugs and feature requests. You can votes for bugs, take a look at a list of the most voted for bugs.
  • ...that at the bottom of a user's Special:Contributions page (eg) there are tools to view user rights, articles created and more.

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