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Cromwellt is an interpreter and translator in Arizona. He enjoys English and Spanish, with a particular emphasis on proofreading, and also enjoys classic literature (especially American and British), with some science fiction, fantasy, and true crime thrown in. He loves books! Some of his favorite authors are Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, Isaac Asimov, Ellen G. White, Ann Rule, and William Faulkner.

Cromwellt loves travel and languages, and in addition to professional mastery of Spanish, is currently learning a little French, German, and Mandarin.

His first new page was on Southwestern Adventist University, but he really enjoys copyediting, and has fixed typos and reworked articles on everything from Dickens to Cuzco, from Pendragon to Juan Moreira.

He has been a Wikipedian since about 20 November, 2004.

He has been an administrator on Simple English Wiktionary, and was an administrator on Simple English Wikibooks and Simple English Wikiquote when they were still open projects. One of his pet projects is Simple English Wiktionary, which as of December 2013 is going strong (over 20,000 entries!). He believes it has become a useful resource for users of Simple English Wikipedia, by providing definitions which use simpler English, making them easier to understand. While the definitions are limited in vocabulary, it uses simple words to define any English words in the English Wiktionary. For a list of the projects Cromwellt is involved in, see his userpage matrix.

A poem:
Oh, the joys of emendation
Oh, the rapture and the fun
Lost myself in contemplation
Life and wiki, each a pun

Viva Wikipedia!