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    My name is C. Scott Ananian, and I began editing articles on Wikipedia in 2005.


    C. Scott Ananian is an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, working on the Parsoid project (and formerly, OCG). He also dabbles with LanguageConverter, Real-time collaboration in VE, and with OOjs.

    Previously, Dr. Ananian was a jack-of-all-trades for the One Laptop per Child Foundation. He received his PhD in computer science from MIT, and before joining OLPC was a local activist and organizer for copyright issues. He organized Free Sklyarov Boston in July 2001, and in 2004 and 2005 was the lead programmer for the Election Incident Reporting System, which collected real-time data on elections across the US. He's a kernel hacker, advocate of voter verifiable elections, and part-time khipu researcher. Now he tries to build robust and reliable systems to allow kids to discover, share, and learn.

    Wikimedia Talks and Presentations[edit]

    2022-10-26 Updates from the Wikitext Parsing World (2022) SMWCon 2022 (video)
    2021-12-09 Updates from the Wikitext Parsing World (2021) SMWCon 2021 (with Subbu Sastry) (video)
    2019-08-18 Multilingual JavaScript Wikimania 2019 hackathon showcase (video)
    2019-08-18 Currentness as Quality Wikimania 2019 (session) (video)
    2019-08-18 A general annotation service Wikimania 2019 (session)
    2019-08-18 Draft: as a safe space Wikimania 2019 (session)
    2019-08-17 Old helping new helping old: cross-wiki collaboration Wikimania 2019 (session) (video)
    2019-08-16 Let's completely change how templates work Wikimania 2019 (session)
    2019-08-16 One World, One Wiki! Wikimania 2019 (session)
    2018-07-22 FileAnnotation with Wikidata statements (demo video, no sound) Wikimania 2018 hackathon showcase (phab:T146397)
    2018-07-20 Real-Time Collaboration: Connecting Humanity (2018) Wikimania 2018 (panel)
    2018-07-20 One World, One Wiki! Wikimania 2018 poster session
    2018-07-20 Edit Conflicts, Offline Contributions, and Tor: Oh my! Wikimania 2018 poster session
    2017-08-12 Real-Time Collaboration (2017) Wikimania 2017 (session)
    2017-08-12 Editing challenges on multi-script wikis Wikimania 2017 (session)
    2017-01-09 Annotations Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 (session) (phab:T151958) (video)
    2017-01-09 Media, Visualizations, and Layout Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 (session) (phab:T151952) (video)
    2017-01-09 Wikitext 2.0 Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 (session) (video)
    2016-06-25 Rethinking the layout of Wikipedia articles Wikimania 2016
    2016-01-04 Let MediaWiki operate entirely without wikitext Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016
    2016-01-04 Making it easy to fork, branch, and merge pages (and more) Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016
    2016-01-04 Separating infoboxes and navboxes from article content Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016
    2016-01-04 Heredoc arguments for templates (aka "hygienic" or "long" arguments) Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016
    2015-07-18 Templates are dead! Long live templates! Wikimania 2015 (session)
    2015-07-17 Real-Time Collaboration Wikimania 2015 (session)
    2015-07-15 A Wiki Front-End in 40 Lines of Code Wikimania 2015 (Hackathon training) (video)
    2015-01-27 The Future of Language Converter MediaWiki Developer Summit 2015 (session)
    2014-08-09 Real-time Collaborative Editing with TogetherJS Wikimania 2014 (session)
    2014-08-08 Learning Literacy with Wikipedia Wikimania 2014 (session)

    See also /Ideas, a sandbox for future talks which often links to detailed phab tickets.


    A partial list of libraries I have created, significantly contributed to, or maintain:


    I work for or provide services to the Wikimedia Foundation (as of 2013), but this is my personal account. Edits, statements, or other contributions made from this account are my own, and may not reflect the views of the Foundation.


    • WP:ORG: notability guidelines for organizations

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