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Menlo Gateway (also known as the Bohannon project) is a proposed mixed-used development project east of US Highway 101 in Menlo Park, California put forth by the Bohannon Development Company. When completed, the project would include a hotel, light retail, commercial, and office research and development space. The 16-acre project site is bounded by US 101, State Route 84 (Bayfront Expressway), Marsh Road and Chrysler Road. The project was approved by the Menlo Park City Council in June, 2010 on the condition that it received majority approval by Menlo Park voters in the General Election held on November 2, 2010 [1]. Menlo Gateway -- Measure T on the ballot -- passed by 65% with the financial backing by the David D. Bohannon Organization [2].


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  • [3] - Official site of the Menlo Gateway project

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