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Me, myself and I
I'm a late 20 something Britisher, living in Worcestershire near Birmingham. I've also lived in China, spending two years in Dalian. On top of this I've travelled to a fair few places (list below), and once travelled from Dalian to Birmingham by train. Which was nice. And exhausting. Language wise I can speak a decentish level of Mandarin (though I'm near illiterate when it comes to Chinese characters apart from basic things) and French and have a very basic proficiency in Spanish. I'm decently tech-savvy and fairly well read and... just what the hell are you supposed to put in these kinds of sections anyway?
I have a BA in philosophy and am studying for an MA in international relations, focusing on East Asia, though I only really contribute on subjects relating to the latter. I'm also a football and rugby union fan and a member of WikiProject football. I enjoy scuba diving, but haven't done anywhere near enough recently, watching good films, travelling and the odd beer.
Here on wikipedia I'm something of a dilettante, contributing to a wide variety of disparate subjects to varying levels rather than one area in depth (as I'm the kind of person who knows a little about a lot and a lot about a little). The areas I edit in are pretty wide and generally picked up by accident; I make a small fix to an article, it ends up on my watchlist and I gradually become heavily involved in its evolution. When it comes to my contributions I tend to favour big, extensive edits to adding small chunks of information and gradually building things up. I'm not the sort of person who would ever create a stub article for instance. Apart from adding content (and templates), I also watch a number of articles for vandalism, spam and soapboxing, fix up any glaring errors, lack of citing or copyright violations when I see them and when I'm not doing anything else set about fixing disambiguation links. I also check out a lot of the things going on in the project namespace and chip in on discussions and offer help in the various Village Pumps and Help Desks whenever I can. When it comes to disputes I try to rigorously follow a one revert rule, so if I revert a change and the user reverts it back I'll raise the issue on talk pages rather than edit warring. Equally if I make a change and someone reverts it I'll take the issue to talk. If you ever catch me breaking this rule feel free to call me on it. When it comes to arguments on talk pages I try very carefully to always remain civil and take on board the arguments of others (though there are exceptions for obvious vandals or agenda pushers). Again, if you catch me failing to do so call me on it. When I'm not directly involved in an argument I quite often try to informally mediate between the parties, with varying degrees of success. I also try not to bite newcomers, so if you're new to Wikipedia feel free to ask me any questions you have.

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