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My recall procedure (stolen and modified from MBisanz's)

Ground rules[edit]

So let's get some ground rules down:

  • Filer = Auto-confirmed user not under editing restrictions.
  • Editor in good standing = 1,500+ edits, 6+ months experience, no blocks in last 6 months and not the subject of an active arbcom case at the time of filing.
  • One recall request per incident.
  • One recall request per editor per year.
  • If you don't like these ground rules, there are WP:AN, WP:ARBCOM, WP:RFC and Jimbo who can review my actions and act accordingly.
  • Only actions that involve my use of an administrative function (something an auto-confirmed user/rollbacker couldn't do). There are plenty of noticeboards to handle other actions as well as well as User Conduct RfCs.
  • This process is an optional, expedited process, the above forums may be used in place of it, at the filer's discretion.
  • If I am "recalled" I will reapply for adminship through the RFA process.
  • The clerk I shall appoint will manage the technical page formatting aspects and interpret the close of the recall.


  1. A user who wishes to initiate a recall proceeding shall sign in the space below, add a short summary of what they are basing the recall request on (must be less than 1,000 words and 100 diffs), and place an "X" in the check boxes of the administrative power(s) abused.
  2. They must notify me on my talk page User talk:MBisanz of the initiation of recall. (The order of steps 1 and 2 may be reversed at filer's discretion).
  3. I will then notify appropriate forums of the recall, starting the clock ticking (These will include WP:AN, WP:ANI, WP:BN, WT:RFA (if Admin related), active RFC (if applicable).
  4. I will ask a trusted user, unless they're involved, to "clerk" the recall.
  5. The recall will last 48 hours, extendable at the clerk's discretion to a maximum of 96 hours.
  6. If 5 editors in good standing (in addition to the original filer), including at least one of whom shall be an admin sign that they request recall, then the recall will be considered to have passed. Afterwards, I will re-stand for WP:RFA.
  7. If procedure six does not occur, the recall will close with no further action occurring in this forum. Again, all the above forums remain available.
  8. After either six or seven occurs the edit history to this page regarding the recall will be moved to a subpage for archiving, to be titled sequentially. Leaving a clean page and history here.

Filer section[edit]

Filer identity[edit]

Filer statement[edit]

Power(s) abused[edit]

Check the (x) for the admin action(s) abused:

Editors who agree with filer[edit]

Administrator who agrees with filer[edit]

  1. .

Other users who agree with filer[edit]

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