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Currently, I'm working to add sources and references to my uncle's Wikipedia page. He was very dear to me, and a very inspirational man. The biography material present on his page when I found it, was very slim. It's my goal to flesh it out, including the many humanitarian projects he took on that haven't currently been included.

I hope that if you're taking the time to read this entry about me, you'll care enough to have a look at the page I'm working on, and suggest improvements where possible. References for some items are exceptionally difficult because my Uncle was a Quaker, and one of principles he followed was that it was important to do your deeds humbly without seeking recognition for them. Just quietly move along and get things done. While that's admirable, I personally feel it works against those that seek inspiration for doing similar deeds when no one outside of those directly involved even knows that the act occured.

Also, I am aware of the fact I spell things worng, and would in fact, love to be corrected where applicable.

Update July 08th, 2008-

I DO have picture's on the way though.. my aunt (his wife) is a photographer, and has many pictures of him.

Jan de Hartog <-- My uncle's biography

Talk:Jan de Hartog <-- current discussion

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