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The Dictionary Team is a group of volunteers whose objectives is to deploy a multi-language culture across the Internet. Each member is responsible for a national site which contains various linguistic resources and information. Each site provides visitors with a local version of the Dictionary Program, a freeware tool designed to display bilingual dictionaries created by the volunteering contribution of users. All dictionaries are freeware and can be used for personal purposes, not commercial ones. They are distributed under the Creative Commons license.

Another tool, Unicode Dictionary, allows to display also non-Latin scripts, and monolingual dictionaries. This viewer was developed by Borland C++, by using the wxWidgets portable libraries, and can be potentially ported to Linux and Mac too, but I have not found yet somebody available to support me to port it on those platforms.

The Italian site contains more than 90 dictionaries from and to Italian language. There are multi-ethnical and ethnical dictionaries, specialized glossaries (e.g. astronomy, photography), ancient languages (e.g. Italic languages. Site is in Italian only. There is a brief English summary, anyway.