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N.B.: Page translated from its German version for the convenience of those who can't read German. -FunnyMan 08:50, 3 December 2006 (UTC)

This user account is no longer in use. --DemonDeLuxe 01:01, 29. Sep 2006 (CEST)



I've noticed that some people are using a little menu bar similar to mine on their user pages, to link the subpages together. Most of these menus are manually created, and must be painstakingly changed by hand whenever the structure of your site changes. If anyone's interested in an automated, customizable version, they should take a look at my FlexiMenu. It shrinks the maintenance work to a single configuration page, and it should be flexible enough for anything you need.

It's easy to install, just copy the subpage User:DemonDeLuxe/FlexiMenu (and, optionally: User:DemonDeLuxe/FlexiTab) to your user page. You define the menu items in Fleximenu, and in FlexiTab you can change the way the tabs look. You put the menu on a page by including one line:


If you want to use my tabs, use:

{{{{ns:User}}:USERNAME/FlexiMenu| {{ns:User}}:DemonDeLuxe|Flexi_monobook_|USERNAME}}

If you'd rather use your own FlexiTab, then use:

{{{{ns:User}}:USERNAME/PATH/FlexiMenu| {{ns:User}}:USERNAME/PATH|Flexi|USERNAME}}

It's even easier if you put this line on its own subpage (such as "FlexiShort") and use it like so: {{{{ns:User}}:USERNAME/FlexiShort}} This way you can test several tab variants simply by editing that subpage.

Just so you can see why I call it a "Flexi"Menu, here's a few examples of how it can look: In color:

Symbol support vote.svg User

Or rounded (Firefox only):


Or "Monobook Style":


Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve it!

P.S.: FlexiMenu is compatible with all Wikipedia skins.

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