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You hear the one about the fella who died, went to the pearly gates? St. Peter lets him in. Sees a guy in a suit making closing argument. Says “who’s that?” St. Peter says “Oh, that God. Thinks he’s Denny Crane.”

DennyCrane's Page[edit]

Welcome to DennyCrane's Wiki user page, If you want to learn about the fictional character Denny Crane from Boston Legal just click here! If not stick around, have a read, and have a chat with me at my Talk Page.

Some Very Useful Links[edit]

How to Edit a Page

Template Messages - Very usefull!

User Boxes - Don't Go Too Overboard!

Speedy Delete

Template List

My Personal Sandbox

Links for Those Who are new to the Wiki Way[edit]

Policies and Guidelines

Neutral Point Of View

Resolving Disputes

Assume Good Faith - Most Important!

My Ongoing Projects[edit]

My Contribs - More Data

  • Value Added Tax - There are many ways this article can be improved. Especially to reflect the economic concequences of the tax, and to highlight how market structure will affect how the VAT will change prices.
  • I also plan to help advance all articles on Taxation
  • Invader Zim - This article has been getting more and more unruly since I first Saw it.

Got any ideas of what else I should work on? Let me know on my Talk Page.

A problem[edit]

After being around the wiki for only a little bit, I begin to discover that there is a problem. It can be summed up thus:

A wiki (or any community) is started with a mission (GoalStatement, SuperordinateGoal). People come together, build a community, and work towards the common goal. Then the goal is reached - at least 95% of it - so there isn't much left to do. The community lives and wants to live on, but focus has been lost and SignalToNoise starts hurting.

What is the solution to this problem? Well i don't know, I have many ideas, which I, through discussion with other wikipedians, will hopefully distill in the fullness of time. This in my opinion, is the most important question the Wikipedia faces.