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About Dixianity
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I am a 3rd generation Wicklow man, and apart from a few years in UCD, have spent most of my life calling the Garden of Ireland my home. Recently, I have had the time, or more importantly, the inclination, to get back to a sport I have always enjoyed - cycling. County Wicklow is a cyclist's dream, with the spectacular Wicklow Mountains at my doorstep.

Me and Wikipedia[edit]

Dixianity is relatively new to Wikipedia. For a long time, I was content to reference the site anonymously. In the last few months, I breathed life into the lungs of my alter ego, Dixianity. The name has nothing whatsoever to do with the Southern United States, or Dixieland music. It's origin is of little interest to the general public, so I wont bore you here with the details.

Recent Contributions[edit]

I have made recent contributions to the following pages
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