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PureScript Logo.png
Paradigm functional, pure, strict, modular
Family Haskell
Designed by Phil Freeman
Developer Phil Freeman, Gary Burgess
First appeared September 30, 2013; 5 years ago (2013-09-30)
Stable release
0.8.0 / January 30, 2016; 2 years ago (2016-01-30)
Typing discipline static, strong, inferred
OS cross-platform
License MIT License
Filename extensions .purs
Major implementations
PureScript (JavaScript), Pure11 (C++11)
Influenced by
Haskell, TypeScript, Roy, Koka, Idris

PureScript is a strict, purely functional programming language inspired by Haskell which compiles to readable JavaScript with a simple foreign function interface and no runtime dependency.


  • De Simone, Sergio (22 September 2014). "PureScript: A Haskell-like Language that Compiles to JavaScript". InfoQ. [PureScript] is written in and inspired by Haskell and aims at allowing to write very expressive code which is still clear and readable when translated into JavaScript.
  • Eames, Joe (9 December 2015). "PureScript with John A. De Goes and Phil Freeman". JavaScript Jabber. …people will find PureScript useful for the same reason that I created it and why I find it useful, which is that you want something fairly close to JavaScript like TypeScript is, [but with] the nice syntax and types that you get from Haskell.
  • Google (28 April 2015). "Exhaustiveness Checker for PureScript". Google Summer of Code. The main goal from this project is to provide an exhaustiveness checker for pattern match errors that allows non-exhaustive patterns to exist, yet ensures that a pattern match error does not occur and thus avoiding unexpected crashes while executing a program.
  • Google (28 April 2015). "Pursuit enhancements". Google Summer of Code. Enhance PureScript's Pursuit tool to provide better searching by names, searching by types, and a centralized documentation store—the three of these together should make it significantly easier to discover and use PureScript libraries.
  • Proctor, Steven (15 September 2015). "Episode 26". Functional Geekery. We cover his reason for creating PureScript, how it differs between other languages that compile to JavaScript, PureScript Conf 2015, the future of PureScript, and different ways to get started with PureScript.
  • Srb, Michal (12 June 2015). "Haskell-Like S-Expression-Based Language Designed for an IDE" (PDF). Imperial College London: 9. PureScript is a strict (not lazy), Haskell-like language which strives to compile to readable JavaScript without having to provide a large runtime library.

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