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Dr Eng X
About me
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I believe I am a neutral author having different backgrounds.

Birth and Early life:

  • Dec.29, 1971
  • I was born in a country, grow up in a different country, received education in several other countries.
  • I have traveled to 4 continents
  • among the countries, cities that I have visited/lived
  • A citizen of two countries.


  • BSc (British English) or BS (American English) in mechanical design and production engineering.
  • MSc or MS in machine design and applied mechanics
  • MSc or MS in industrial engineering and management systems
  • CAD/CAM graduate certificate
  • PhD


  • University teaching assistant, research assistant, teacher, instructor, faculty,..
  • Professional engineer,...
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wide varity of interests including but not limited to:

  • Engineering, science and recent technology