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In loving memory
Leo Rohde
June 8, 1948 - June 9, 2007

Robert A. Rohde[edit]

I am a Physics PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, currently residing in Zurich, Switzerland. My professional training is mostly in physics and mathematics, but I have largely pivoted to working on issues of climate change, air quality, and what people now call data science. Currently I am employed as the lead scientist for Berkeley Earth.


My first edit to Wikipedia was August 3, 2003, though it took many months of sporadic drive-by editing before I really became engaged in the community. I've been an administrator since August 2005 (though it feels like a whole lot longer). I am historically also a bot operator (though I do not run it currently) and have contributed several patches to the Mediawiki software running Wikipedia.

Much of my work on wiki has been related to climate change/global warming, but I also dabble in a wide array of other areas, mostly sciences and current events, related to my interests and skills. One of my specialties is the creation of custom graphics to use as illustrations. This has led to an unusual spin off as I have collected my work with that of others to create a new website devoted to global warming data and art.



Wikipedians can reach me by leaving messages on my talk page. I'll usually respond within a day or two.

Professional or press inquiries related to the images I have created can be directed to

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