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Her Grace The Grand Duchess of Bathwick
Grand Duchess Marie in court dress 1910.jpg
Born Avarie Maria Nikolaevna James
4 July 1992 (age 18)
Paddington, London, England
Residence England Bathwick Manor, Somerset, England
Nationality England English
United Kingdom British
Occupation Scholar, Hostess
Known for Her Grandiosity
Term 2006 — present
Religion Roman Catholic

Avarie Maria Nikolaevna James, 13th Duchess of Bathwick GCB (b. 4 July, 1992)[1] is a descendant of Queen Victoria, being the great-great niece of Alexandra, the tsaritsa of Russia.[2][3] Bathwick rose to the title of Duchess after the death of her father in 2006, being the only living heiress.[4]


The Duchess, aged 9.

The Duchess was born at the St Mary's Hospital, London. She was named after one of her ancestors, Maria Romanov.[5][6] Being the only issue of the then Duke of Bathwick and his frail wife to survive past infancy, the Duchess was treated to the best money could buy.[7][8] She has spent many summers in Russia visiting her billionaire Uncle Oleg Deripaska[9][10][11] and his two children. She is also often seen visiting her great-great aunt, also known as the Queen of England and her distant cousins, Will and Harry. She was first seen attending official family functions such as the Queen's Golden Jubilee at the age of nine (Just before her tenth birthday).[12][13]

The Duchess' father died in 2006 of unknown causes. [14] Her mother has since remarried a local shop owner, and the two have had a set of twin boys in the early spring of 2009.[15] The family of five currently resides at two part-time residences around Bathwick and London. After undergoing strenuous coursework in preparation for university,[16][17] the Duchess has been accepted into a quality university. [18][19]


Since she has received the title, the Duchess has tended to many formal duties including, but not limited to: hosting mildly wild parties at the Bathwick Manor for all the kids of Bath,[20] sneaking friends into London and New York fashion shows,[21] and generally causing a fuss at most pool parties visited while on vacation in The Hamptons with her Deripaska cousins.[22]

Aside from her general entertaining of local teens, the Duchess also partakes in many charitable acts. She can often be seen reading to blind children at two of the regions libraries, and hosting auction events at Bathwick Manor to raise funds for the RSPCA and the Society of St James.[23]

Work in Wikipedia[edit]

The Duchess, aged 7, dressed up for Christmas in Russia.

It is unknown as of yet what the Duchess plans to do to contribute to Wikipedia. However, it is known that she will do her best to further the advancement of Wikipedia articles and the community to the best of her abilities. She might possibly dabble in copy-editing,[24] since she loves to correct others.[25][26] The Duchess might also help orphaned pages find their way back home. It is doubtful that she will contribute in the way of adding media (such as images) to articles, since she hates to be corrected herself and rarely reads the fine print; which would result in many licensing mistakes. To check up on the Duchess, feel free to check her contributions. If you wish to contact the Duchess about any edits she has made, or just to wish her a good day, proceed to the post box and leave your message there. Elle, the assistant, will reply to your post promptly.



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