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After collapsing at the footplate of the last ever Taggart Transcontinental 'Comet' service, Eddie Willers expected to be rescued by his comrades to be taken to 'Galt's Gulch'. When help failed to arrive, he made his way to Tampico, Mexico to start life afresh. Eddie now lives as a peaceable merchant with his wife and baby daughter.

Eddie Willers is not a great man - but he is a good man. He is in the soul of every honest trader that seeks to interact with his fellows on a mutually benficial basis - without force or fraud.

He enjoys diverse interests and hobbies - just look at some of the Wiki contributions!

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He also prowls the Cleanup lists looking for articles to nominate as AFD (yes, cleanup can include AFD), performs minor cleanups where he has knowledge and is a sworn enemy of 'postmodern jibberjabber'.