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Perks of not being anonymous: I can track my edits, and make minor edits.

I'm hesitant to upgrade my Wikipedia:Babel ratings to en-4 and fi-4 without some formal certification. Maybe I'll take a test one of these years.

I also had the Template:User punctuation, Template:User its2, and Template:User anal-4 userboxes in the Babel list, but I took them out for aesthetic reasons.

Hysterical Raisins[edit]

Looks like I signed up for Wikipedia in August 2006 (also Swedish Wikipedia in September 2006 and Finnish Wikipedia in March 2007). I have a good number of smaller anonymous edits before then. Actually, I've tried to go back and leave a mark on the same articles by searching for IP addresses I have used, and finding something to improve on pages I had touched before I signed up.

I originally discovered wikis in 2002 or so, and have at various times contributed to

In most of those wikis, there isn't much trace of me, being the exception.

I typically do bursts, then disappear for months or years. I would expect that pattern to repeat here, too.

I really really tried to not sign up for Wikipedia. I really really tried to not add this section on my user page. I am apparently a weak character.

Annotate / Blame feature[edit]

It would be nice if you could find out from a page's history when a particular phrase was added or removed, but the bug for this is still not resolved. Perhaps somebody could even hack up a user script? (Challenging, but perhaps still doable.)

(Why don't you try Sligocki (talk) 07:19, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

Research Notes[edit]

Maybe not enough to start an article just yet.

Project: BB Lindström[edit]