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Greetings, all. I am best known as El Cid, but from my days while still alive Rodrígo Díaz del Vivar. Even though I have actually been dead for more than 900 years, editing Wikipedia proves to be enjoyable and inspirational challenge for my voracious appetite for learning. As a spirit who is no longer a mere mortal –– not to mention given the prevailing aims of political attitudes of this present age –– I have put my famous conquering habits to the mind rather than the battlefield. At one point in the not-to-distant future, my interminable goal is also to make my mark on this material world, again in a more "constructive" mode.

Seeing how many of my descendants have settled in the St. Louis area of the United States, I have taken in a keen interest in that city's matters. I have become a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, contribute there, as well as to other topics that fall within the scope of Wikiproject St. Louis Cardinals.

As time goes on, I shall contribute to other projects as well having to do with the lands of Spain and the US, and her former imperial colonies. I may also contribute to my own page, but will have to check against Wikipedia's policies of the dead contributing to their biographies.

If anyone has any constructive criticism or ideas, feel free to drop a line here. My supernatural ears will be open.