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Michael R. Brown

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In case my list of infoboxes and interests doesn't give you enought information, here is more.

Born in Florida, lived here all my life. My ancestors came to Florida around 1765 as part of the New Smyrna Colony. So most of my ancestors were Florida Crackers, and well as Conchs.

Got involved with Scouting as a Cub Scout, been involved ever since. I been/done: Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Explorer, Patrol Leader, Webelos Den Chief, ASPL, SPL, Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Assistant Exploring Advisor, Assitant Venturing Advisor, District Committee, Council Venturing Committee (in 2 councils), Kodiak/Kodiak X Task Force member, Life Scout, Vigil Honor, Council Venturing Leadership Award, Community Organization Award (APO Herbert G Horton Service to Youth Award), Philmont (twice + going to PTC), Sea Base (3 times), Sea Base Conference Center (twice), NOAC (7 times and counting), Indian Summer, National Jamboree (6 times and counting), World Jamboree (2007 my one and probably only), Wood Badge, Wood Badge Staff (once), Powder Horn, Sea Badge, NLS, NLATS. My main focus is OA & Venturing. Am also a scouting history nut with a large personal collection of scouting literature and historical information. For what its worth, I have never: gone to Northern Tier (maybe someday), never recieved a District Award of Merit (if it happens, it happens), Silver Beaver (ditto), or the like.

Got involved in APO when I went back to school. I have been/done: pledge & joined a chapter, am advisor to 2, been a sponsor, member of Section Staff, Region Staff, and 3 National Committees. Attended numerious Section & Regional Conferences, and 5 National Conventions (plan on being at the next one), and presented workshops at several. Member of APO LEADS Presenter Staff, and qualified for Launch, Explore and Discover. Developed and presented one APO IMPACT session, and am developing a second.

I work in the IT field, having received both Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Science. I currently work as a Security Administrator as a large site for a large company. I am a member of USENIX, SAGE, and ISSA.

I am a parliamentarian (someone knowledgable about parliamentary procedure, not someone who is a member of a parliament), member of both NAP & AIP, and study it to increase my knowledge.

Other hobbies/interests: read/collect comic books, read science fiction, watch some science fiction movies/tv, collect PEZ, geocache. I also have a long standing interest in Seminole and other Florida/Southeastern Native American cultural groups. I do re-enactments and research into this area.

WARNING. Character flaws. I do not suffer fools easily. Do not hit my 'hot button' issues, and we'll get along fine. I seldom get into a heated arguements over matters of opinion ('which is better, x or y', etc). I will get into heated arguments on matters of fact if the other person is incorrect and I can backup what I say with facts/information, which I usually can do because of my personal collection of materials. If I am uncertain of my facts/information, I try to avoid getting into an argument.