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The purpose of this user page is to give informations about who I am.

This way, other contributors will be able to evaluate my own contributions and check the neutrality of all my point of view.

As a software engineer, I am the creator and the main developer of OpenSearchServer and Pojodbc.

I believe that open-source software is the future of the software industry. Today, main actors of open source are previous actors of the proprietary software model: IBM, Sun Microsystems.

I believe in the relevance of community projects: Wikipedia, Sourceforge, Facebook, Twitter, ...

My (more than 20 years) expertise in information technology:

As musician, I practice piano and bass guitar since I was eight. Fan of Jazz, I love all good music, especially when musicians play with their hearts.

My list of favorite artists is huge, I give an extract: Alain Caron, Marcus Miller, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Michel Petrucciani, ...

Some band I like: Uzeb, Toto, Yes, ...

I also like sciences. I follow that kind of project: LHC, Universons.