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NOTICE: The entirety of this page is archival material, even if it says otherwise. I simply do not have time to update my wikipedia profile pages with the same consistency as I can my twitter profile at @EricHerboso, my facebook profile at, or my weblog at If you want current info, please go there. What follows below is for archival purposes only.

Eric Herboso as of August 2004.
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Eric Jonathan Herboso (b. 1 July, 1981) is an American philosopher, mathematician and writer in Washington, DC. He acts as Webmaster & Coordinator of Online Marketing for Share Our Strength, a nonprofit whose mission is to eradicate children hunger. Eric has been a member of Wikipedia since December 6, 2004.

My Favorite Quotes | My Favorite Books, Movies, and Music | Some Useful External Links | About Me


I have a wide variety of interests that are constantly expanding. For more information about me, please see my subpages. If you need help on an entry concerning a topic I'm interested, feel free to drop a request on my talk page.

I am an instrumentalist, a skeptic, a pacifist, an agnostic, and a vegetarian in preparation to go vegan. I am also nihilist toward even nihilism, and my favorite hobby is arguing against whatever my conversational companion is most passionate about. (c;

Politically, I lean very far to the left, somewhat idealizing Tolstoy-style anarcho-syndicalism. Of course, I'm also a realist when it comes to political issues, so I mostly end up supporting Greens when they can win, and Democrats when I've no other choice. In this season's U.S. Presidential race, I've supported Ralph Nader, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich, though I fully realize that on election day the best I can hope for is Barack Obama. (Please note that despite giving my support to these candidates at various times, there is much I disagreed with with each of them at all times. Like Gravel's fair tax and Kucinich's ET position.)

I enjoy rpg video games, Magic:tG, Diplomacy, Go, Shogi, StarCraft, Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Xenogears, Heroscape, and blogging. I also love to read and work with the philosophy of mathematics, reverse mathematics, model theory, logicism, confirmation holism, and analytic philosophy. My philosophy of science interests also extend to brane theory, where I am currently working on publishing a small paper; and I am attempting another paper in consequentialism in metaethics. Additionally, I find straussianism extremely interesting, though not entirely plausible.

I love to read, and can't get over Howard Zinn, Douglas Hofstadter, Noam Chomsky, Richard Feynman, Stephen Jay Gould, and many others in nonfiction; nor do I ever tire of Hal Clement, Orson Scott Card, Ayn Rand, Dave Eggers, T. S. Eliot, Diana Gabaldon, George Orwell, Lewis Carroll, and many others in fiction. I have a lot of favorite books, though which I like best seems to change a lot based on whatever classic I just finished. My current favorite (due mostly to the fact that I just discovered it last week) is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. (Please note that just because I love reading Rand and Card doesn't mean I approve of being an asshole or a homophobe respectively. Written works can be enjoyed no matter how base the author's ideals may be.)

I'm also an avid writer. If you're looking for my blog, my private friends-only account is at and my public blog is at

For employment, I do online marketing, real estate marketing, web design/development, SEO, corporate blogging, and tutoring occasionally. My fulltime job is as the Online Marketing Coordinator of Share Our Strength, a nonprofit whose mission is to eradicate children's hunger. I am also going to school to eventually become in the process of rethinking my previous desire to become a professor of philosophy, specializing in philosophy of mathematics. Currently I hold a bachelor's degree in pure mathematics from Spring Hill College, and am attending postponing grad school at St. John's College, a great books school. Although I am fairly knowledgeable in real estate marketing, I tend to not edit marketing related articles because (1) I don't like to mix work and pleasure, and (2) what marketing techniques I do know, I do not wish to release under GFDL or similar, as I plan to write a book on real estate marketing techniques sometime in the foreseeable future.

I was introduced to Wikipedia by: Cool Hand Luke.
I have recruited into Wikipedia: DavidMendoza, Jay Champagne, The Blessed Lunatic,,,,,,,,,

For more information on me, see the following subpages:
My Favorite Quotes, My Favorite Books, Movies, and Music, Some Useful External Links, About Me

My main personal website is available at

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