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About me[edit]

I am a PhD candidate in electrical engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I received my MSE in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan in 2004, and I received my BSE (with honors) in optical engineering from the University of Arizona in 2002. My research is in applied physical optics. Specific examples of applications of physical optics include holography and interferometry. My nonacademic interests include playing the piano, playing ultimate frisbee, and folding origami.

Research experience[edit]

  • Graduate student research assistant, University of Michigan, March 2006 - present
    • Supervisor: Professor Fred Terry, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
    • Working on critical-dimension monitoring and topography extraction of photoresist gratings by liquid-immersion specular spectroscopic scatterometry
  • Graduate student research assistant, University of Michigan, August 2002 - December 2005
    • Supervisor: Professor Emmett Leith, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
    • Projects included optical sectioning by structured illumination, optical sectioning by fringe localization, and synthetic-aperture chirp confocal imaging
  • Honors thesis, University of Arizona, September 2001 - May 2002
    • Supervisor: Associate Professor Michael Descour, Optical Sciences Center
    • Title: "Effect of spherical aberration on optical sectioning by structured illumination"
  • Undergraduate Science Institute, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, August 2000
  • Independent study, University of Arizona, September 1999 - June 2000
    • Supervisor: Research Professor Tom Milster, Optical Sciences Center
    • Worked on a scanning laser microscope for analyzing DNA microarrays
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Mayo Clinic, June 1999 - August 1999
    • Supervisor: Professor Richard Robb, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

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