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(this space for rent)

I am Feeeshboy[edit]


I am an adult Feeesh (contrary to the username) and I live in the Washington, DC area.

I LOVE Wikipedia: I use it often for my job, and I frequently browse for hours just to learn things (okay, and I'm also trying to get on Jeopardy some day). I am mainly involved with editing articles for grammar and improving the quality of writing.

My interests include: pages on the sciences, geography, literature, and heavy metal music. I particularly like working on pages whose contributors have a great deal of expertise but can use help with writing and formatting issues. I also like pages on topics that are too mundane to have gotten much attention, like Mud and Wrinkle.

Right now, I'm working full time and in graduate school, so the real world has me kind of busy.

Personal Biases[edit]

I am politically liberal, but pretty open-minded. I take NPOV very seriously and am happy to discuss any edits amicably.

I tend to favor the Deletionist [1] school of Wikiphilosophy, but I don't believe in prioritizing any such agenda over dealing with the merits of each article individually.

I believe that an encyclopedia should include information relating to the words we use to refer to things and the associations we have with those words.

I think that Conservapedia is the biggest joke in the world. To suggest that there needs to be a "conservative perspective" on the facts not only flies in the face of thousands of years of human progress, but also seems to outright admit that Stephen Colbert was right when he said that the facts "have a liberal bias." For the record, I have been banned from Conservapedia because I asked questions that they didn't want asked (a practice which they call "Vandalism") and because they think anyone with the same generic IP address is a sockpuppet. Seriously, if you're afraid of subjecting your viewpoints to the scrutiny of people who disagree with you, you're kind of admitting that they probably won't survive questioning.


I'm a member of Wikiproject Grammar and the guild of copyeditors, and will be happy to respond to any requests for copyediting.

I'm proud of my work with WikiProject Indonesia to revise Indonesia up to FA status!

I've started a few stubs, my favorite of which is L'Arroseur Arrosé, which is now my first stub to make it to Start class. I've also made substantive edits to Guatemala, El Salvador, The Faerie Queene, Sonnet 63, Archetype, Stock character, Bison, and Judah Friedlander, and I've fixed over 300 links to disambiguation or redirect pages.

In my sandbox right now I'm working on an essay.

I'm also working on Alter ego.