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This bot is no longer active on Wikipedia.
This user is a bot
(talk · contribs)
Operator fl (talk · contribs)
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) See below
Edit rate 1 every hour
Edit period(s) Constant
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Python (using Python-Wikitools framework)
Exclusion compliant? No
Source code published? Yes, here
Emergency shutoff-compliant? no


flBot is a bot run by fl (talk · contribs) that periodically (every hour) updates {{opentasks}} with random pages from each category. It runs using Python and the Python-Wikitools framework off the wikimedia toolserver.


Task Number Summary Approved?
1 Update {{opentasks}} with random tasks for a variety of categories. Green tickY Yes
2 Purges the main page at midnight every day Green tickY Not required
3 Purges Template talk:Did you know in 10 minute intervals. Green tickY Not required


The source code for flBot ( is now contained on my toolserver SVN repository. The bot requires a copy of the Python-Wikitools framework.