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forteanajones has been working on Wikipedia since Sep 19, 2004 and recently passed 719 edits (although many are edits to this page, talk pages, and various personal project pages and archives. Not to mention this number obviously changes every time the number is updated).

His first article was Medical oddity.

Well, technically my first article was Telepathine but this was immediately grabbed and merged into Harmala.

Other Wikipedians have posted questions and comments to my talk page here -- usually I will try to respond on other respective talk pages.

Oh, and I just discovered WikiTree which is a little more than a month old and doing well.

insignificant contributions[edit]

Bahá'í Faith, Cabinet of curiosities, Dachau concentration camp, Fortean Times, Gamma wave, John Banister (scientist), John Keel, John Titor, List of magazines of anomalous phenomena, Philip K. Dick, SMR, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Shadow (psychology), The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Mad Gasser of Mattoon, The Mothman Prophecies, White Witch, William S. Burroughs

somewhat significant contributions[edit]

Andrew Adamson, Anomalous phenomenon, Auditory processing disorder, Banisteriopsis caapi, Body double, Charles Fort, Doppelgänger, Electroencephalography, Jean Gebser, Mir Mine, Mushroom, Simulacrum, Template:Forteana-stub, 45th Infantry Division,

significant contributions[edit]

Allan V. Cox, Arthur Magazine, Breaking Open the Head, Category:Forteana, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Daniel Pinchbeck, Ellis Lawson Banister, John Riley Banister, Image:John_Riley_Banister_as_a_young_man.jpg, Image:John Riley Banister with Luther Alred (Oklahoma, November 11, 1911).jpg, Image:John Riley Banister, receiving a rifle in recognition for meritorious services.jpg, Image:John Riley Banister points to the changed brand on a stolen animal.jpg, Image:John Riley Banister as an engineer on the Santa Fe Railroad at Cleburne, Texas in 1887.jpg, Look-alike, Medical oddity, Metacine, Perinormal phenomenon, Rick Strassman, Sam Bass, Shaman's Drum Journal, Tsa lung Trul khor


Albertus Magnus, Anomalous phenomenon, Arthur Magazine, Asperger syndrome, Auditory processing disorder, Augustine of Hippo, Bahá'í calendar, Bahá'í Faith, Banisteriopsis caapi, Belief, Black Death, Bön, Breaking Open the Head, C. S. Lewis, Carl Jung, Charles Fort, Cowboy Bebop, Daniel Pinchbeck, Divinity, Doctor Who, Doppelgänger, Dzogchen, Edward Eager, Electroencephalography, Electronic voice phenomena, Ellis Lawson Banister, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fictional character, Fungus, Galileo Galilei, Gnosticism, God, Hinduism, Infocom, Isaac Newton, Islam, J.D. Salinger, Jean Gebser, Johannes Kepler, John Titor, Julian May, List of deities, Look-alike, Leonardo da Vinci, Logic, Logical reasoning, Macrocosm and microcosm, Magic (paranormal), Magic theory, Medical oddity, Meditation, Metaphysics, My Neighbor Totoro, Mysticism, Nicholas Flamel, Paradigm, Paradigm (experimental), Paul Stamets, Perinormal phenomenon, Philip K. Dick, Philosophy of science, Prayer, Quetzalcoatl, Renaissance, Richard Francis Burton, Ross Macdonald, Science, Shadow (psychology), Shamanism, Symbolism, Synchronicity, The Chronicles of Narnia, Transmutation, Tsa lung Trul khor, Tycho Brahe, William R. Corliss, A Wizard of Earthsea, Zork

to do list[edit]

Task Status
Recently completed Propose weaving together the three types of person duplicates (Doppelgänger, Body double and Look-alike) to create a more cohesive presentation, even if not into a single article., Create Shaman's Drum Journal stub, Create Metacine stub, Create Daniel Pinchbeck stub, Improve Rick Strassman article, Create Breaking Open the Head stub, Create Ellis Lawson Banister stub, Create John Riley Banister stub, Create The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe stub
In progress
  • Re-write Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Electroencephalography articles
  • Create a WikiPedia:WikiProject to address issues with the following areas: Anomalous phenomena, Paranormal phenomena, Perinormal phenomena, Occult, Legendary creatures, Cryptids, Earth mysteries, Medical curiosities or oddities and others. A new category is possibly needed.
Not started Create Aperspectivism article, Expand John Riley Banister article, Expand Ellis Lawson Banister article, Create Michael W. Brady article, Improve Shamanism article, Expand Breaking Open the Head article, Expand Daniel Pinchbeck article, Create Spiritual Emergency article, Create Forteana article, Create Saga of Pliocene Exile article, Rewrite Edward Eager article, Write Adam McLean article, Write Experimental Science article, Improve & expand Bahá'í calendar

CC License[edit]

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