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My real name is Imran bin Yusuff. I am from Malaysia. I was born in the small town of Bangor in Wales, United Kingdom. I was then raised in Penang, attending the schools of SK Sungai Ara and Penang Free School. Then I did my A-levels in Kolej Yayasan UEM. Recently I have moved to the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

I am currently a 2nd year engineering undergraduate at University of Cambridge.

My ambition is to be an inspired and dedicated engineer physicist.

Academic interests[edit]

I am very keen in learning stuctural engineering, thermofluid mechanics, mechanical engineering, engineering materials, advanced mathematics, physics (especially modern physics), electrical engineering, hacking (don't get cheated by media, please), economics and business, but I do not have enough time and guts to read all that wordy books, unfortunately.

But my interest in engineering, mathematics, physics and computing are much stronger than the rest. coming soon... but is already up!!!


I believe that knowledge and expertise should be free. Everyone have the right to learn it. I do not believe those who are arrogant and charge people in exchange for useful knowledge in order to gain wealth. Again, freedom in building things and maintaining it, letting others experience and examine it without let or hindrance is actually knowledge-building and can be even better than commercial exploitation. That's why wikipedia and open-source projects nowadays are gaining pace rapidly. Can you find any encyclopedia packages with articles like de_dust in it?


I am new to Wikipedia. For now I am a freelancer. I will tour around and improve and correct anything which I think they should be, especially adding some infoboxes. Also now I am writing some articles about my place, places that I have been, and schools that I have attended.

I will also redirect any names which I deem appropriate, and I will revert any vandalism incidents that I will come across.

I hope that in the future I could do some research and expand some Wikipedia stubs, especially on fields like Science, Mathematics and Engineering. It can really expand my knowledge and research skills.

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