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  4. Help Desk Templates
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  1. List of policies
  2. Reliable Sources
  3. Verifiability
  4. Original Research
  5. Notability
    1. Biographical Inclusion Guidelines
    2. Organizations and Companies Inclusion Guidelines
    3. Website Inclusion Guidelines
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  7. Biographies of living persons
    1. Removal of material
    2. Categorization of living people

Administrator Info

  1. General Policy
  2. Three Revert Rule Notice Board
  3. Vandalism Notice Board
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  5. Biographies of Living Persons Notice Board
  6. Request for Page Protection
  7. Sockpuppet investigation instructions


  1. Speedy Delete
  2. Proposed Deletion
  3. Articles for Deletion


  1. Ten Commandments of Speedy Deletion
  2. Memes

Categories to review

  1. Category:All article disambiguation pages
  2. Category:Candidates for speedy deletion
  3. Category:Proposed deletion
  4. Category:Requests to move a userspace draft


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