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Who am I and why am I here? (the less interesting part)

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"There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet..." – T. S. Eliot

In terms of Wikipedia, someone who simply believes that as much knowledge as possible should be freely and easily accessible, and believes that it is equally important for that knowledge to be accurate.

More specifically, I mostly use my native knowledge of Turkish to improve Wikipedia's coverage. Turkey and Cyprus are areas that are relatively under-represented or selectively represented on Wikipedia. By "selectively represented", I mean squabbling over the minutiae of the infobox on Nicosia but eschewing its historic riches. I feel that this knowledge gives me access to a variety of sources and viewpoints that may add a different insight to our articles.

I am also a staunch believer in gender equality and like to focus on women's biographies and human rights issues at times (see above).

My professional interest is on medicine.

You may be tempted to accuse me of Turkish nationalism, or conversely, anti-Turkism. Please don't go ahead at this moment. Of those, I belong to neither. I do, however, belong to one school of thought: all material on Wikipedia must be robustly sourced and written with only and only the development of the encyclopedia in mind. They should also accurately represent realities and the views in literature. I feel that coverage that is not representative of these two is worse than no coverage. As Pope wrote, "A little learning is a dangerous thing; / drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring." On that note, I like material that I happen to add being savagely critiqued, even removed for constructive purposes.